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Adrian Newey has been the genius behind the Red Bull domination. Since 2005, the Austrian outfit has won the most number of races. They have been part of Formula 1 since 2005 itself. However, the domination of the Milton Keynes team started in 2010 and continued till 2013. That was the first stint of their hegemony. It was the time when Sebastian Vettel went on to secure four titles in a row. However, when regulations changed in 2014, there was a shift in hegemony, as Mercedes went on to rule the grid for eight straight years.

Then, in 2022, the power shifted back to Red Bull as the regulations changed again and introduced the ground effect and cost cap rules. Clearly, the change in regulations helped the Red Bull team the most since 2022. But without the magnificent car designs by Adrian Newey, the Milton Keynes team would not have been so successful. Last year, RB19 proved that it is one of the fastest F1 cars of all time. Lately, there have been rumors that Newey will leave the Austrian outfit next year.


Will Adrian Newey Really Leave Red Bull In 2025?

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As per Auto Motor und Sport, the Red Bull design chief will soon announce his departure. This German publication has the goodwill of reporting authentic information. Perhaps it is true that Newey is not happy with the power struggle at the Milton Keynes camp. The 65-year-old Adrian Newey has been part of Red Bull since 2006. But he won’t work for them starting next year. There are certain things reportedly that have been bothering Newey. First of all, there is the issue of an internal power struggle between Christian Horner and Helmut Marko. Then, due to the budget cap, Newey fears that he will have to focus completely on the hypercar project, RB17.

As per recent reports, it is not making the 65-year-old design chief happy because he still wants to work passionately in Formula 1. According to the contract of, Adrian Newey, he is part of the Austrian outfit until the end of the 2025 season. However, the reports from the German publication suggests that genius car designer wants to leave the Milton Keynes team at the end of the ongoing season. He wants to focus on a new project elsewhere. Now, the fans wonder where Newey’s future lies. Some fans wonder if Newey will join Mercedes next year. Then, Max Verstappen can follow him in 2026. These are all some wild assumptions of the fans. But authentic sources say, Ferrari is a serious contender to sign Newey next year. 

Is Ferrari A Really Good Option For The RB Design Chief?

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Since Newey has been part of F1, starting back in the 1990s, there have been opportunities when he could join the Prancing Horse. Moreover, in his book, Adrian Newey suggested that he has a desire to work with Lewis Hamilton and Ferrari. Perhaps the 65 year old genius car designer can achieve that goal in 2025. 

Currently, Newey earns a salary of 10 million pounds at the Austrian outfit. He has been an asset for the Red Bull F1 team for over a decade. However, the Newey-Red Bull era seems to come to an end soon. Perhaps, his next destination is Bologna, Italy. According to certain sources, Ferrari and Newey already had serious discussions on a possible contract.

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