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The New York Yankees need Aaron Judge to stay healthy throughout the season if they want to go deep into the playoffs. Moreover, the NY side has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. However, they had a great start to the ongoing season. They even managed to win 50 games in the 2024 regular season before any other team. However, the captain of the NY side had a pretty slow start to the current season. In the month of April, he really struggled with his batting average. However, he turned things around in the month of May. At present, he is leading the league with 32 home runs.

The Los Angeles Dodgers phenom Shohei Ohtani is close second with 28 HRs. Moreover, the Yankees Faithful might be getting a little bit annoyed with the team because they are suddenly losing on a regular basis. Hence, the Bronx Bombers need to find a way to get back to winning ways. Moreover, the fans in the Bronx believe Aaron Judge can lead the team back to winning ways. Lately, though, the 2022 AL MVP talked about what the team does to escape from the pressure of the games.


Aaron Judge Loves Playstation For “Good Escape”

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Recently, in an interview with the Casa de Klub podcast, Aaron Judge revealed an interesting team bonding activity that they often do. The Yankees captain mentioned that when the team is on the air, they generally play video games and spend time interacting with each other. He also pointed at some of his personal favorite games. Judge said that the manager Aaron Boone pulls out his PlayStation that’s a 30 inch monitor. When they get to 30,000 feet, Aaron Judge says there are generally ten guys around ‘the monitor.’ Some people play FIFA for four hours and more when others are just watching them play. Even though Judge loves spending a lot of time with these team bonding activities, he says that he is not a gamer.


Nonetheless, Aaron Judge says, “It’s a good escape.” He mentioned FIFA, NBA 2K and said, “The Call of Duty is 49.” Moreover, the California native mentioned that he never really was into soccer as he played that game very little. However, there was one incident when they were playing against the Baltimore Orioles, and the flight got ‘Delayed.’ That’s when he got into FIFA, playing with his teammates. Moreover, the captain really loves these team bonding activities, and what’s a better escape than a PlayStation?

Yankees Captain Avoided Making Comments On His Hitting Coach’s Scathing Remarks

Yankees, Aaron Judge
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Richard Schenck is the personal hitting coach of Aaron Judge, who took a dig at the Yankees lately. The YES Network posted the hitting coach’s remarks on X, where he says the team has lost 13 out of 18 games when Judge is performing like an MVP. Moreover, Schenck mentioned that the offensive player development of the NY side is “Terrible.” Later, in an interview with Bryan Hoch of MLB.com, Aaron Judge mentioned, “Honestly, it doesn’t have anything to do with me.”


He added that somebody made some comment, and he won’t comment for someone else. Most importantly, Judge noted that he doesn’t have any control over another person’s doings. Since it is out of his control, Judge told Hoch that he has no comment regarding this case. 

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