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The Golden State Warriors had a season to forget in the ongoing 2023-24 edition. They did not have a great start to the season. First of all, two back-to-back suspensions of Draymond Green messed up the process at the very beginning of the season for the Dubs. With Green’s absence, the defense got weaker. Moreover, Klay Thompson was not at his finest form throughout the season. He struggled immensely with his shooting skills. Very few players come close to Klay in the case of top two-way stars in the league. Clearly, the two key players of the Warriors are well past their prime.

If Thompson could perform at his best, then the Dubs could rely on him offensively as well as defensively. But he really just had a poor season in terms of consistency. In fact, in the play-in game against the Sacramento Kings, Klay could not score a single point. Despite the talismanic leader, Stephen Curry tried his best to carry the team forward, but it just was not enough. Curry didn’t get much help either from Klay or from Dray. Ahead of the offseason, the Dubs franchise must be looking at making significant changes. Who are the possible trade targets for the Dubs to bolster their roster?


Warriors Should Look At These Three Trade Targets

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After the failure of the 2023-24 season, the Golden State Warriors must think about rebuilding the roster. Klay will be an unrestricted free agent. It is a little doubtful regarding the Dubs extending his contract. Moreover, what else can be some significant changes ahead of the pivotal offseason? First of all, Kevin Durant is a possible trade target for the GSW. Perhaps it is high time we reunited with KD. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant fit really well alongside each other. The Slim Reaper helped the Warriors win the NBA titles in 2017 and 2018. They missed the chance of making it a three-peat because KD was injured in 2019. Perhaps it is high time to bring him back. Secondly, Nickeil Alexander-Walker is another great option for the Warriors in the offseason. 

Since Klay Thompson has been unable to be productive offensively as well as defensively, the Warriors might look for another two-way star. NAW is no Klay Thompson, but he is the kind of low-usage offensive player who can fit any role the team needs him to. Alexander-Walker is also an elite defender who can play in different positions on the floor. Thirdly, the Warriors can target DeAndre Ayton. Initially, fans thought Ayton could be the next superstar center in the NBA. Things have not gone according to plan for him, but frequently, he shows signs of brilliance. Moreover, his playing style will fit perfectly alongside Stephen Curry. Ayton is a pretty good rebounder as well as he has the ability to score 30 or more points occasionally. 

Can These Changes Revive The Dubs Dynasty?

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After the play-in failure, the Golden State Warriors look like they are on the brink of a sad end to their Dynasty. Before KD joined the Dynasty in 2016, it was the trio – Klay, Dray, and Steph that started it all in 2015. From 2015 to 2018, the Warriors reached the finals, facing the same opponent, the Cleveland Cavaliers. The Dubs lost only in 2016, but with Kevin Durant, they won in 2017 and 2018. Fans hope that KD will return to the roster.

If he does, it should not take him a lot of time to figure things out quickly with his former team. That way, the Dynasty can still stay alive. Moreover,  even less than two years ago, the Dubs won the title without KD. If Klay Thompson and Draymond Green comeback stronger next season, Stephen Curry can still lead the team to win a title one more time.

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