Max Verstappen Red Bull
Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: Sky Sports

Red Bull ace Max Verstappen has been nothing short of unstoppable this Formula One season. If winning 15 races last season was not enough to establish his hegemony, he is about to make it better this season. He has already won 13 races, and with six more races remaining, the chances are he might end up winning 19 in 2023. That would be a record really hard to beat. Prior to Max breaking the record for most wins last year, the previous record was 13 wins in a season belonged to Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

Hence, it is tough to win even ten races a season. But Verstappen is making it look like a piece of cake. Since 2021, the Dutchman has won ten or more races in every season. Nobody has been more dominating than Verstappen in the last three seasons. However, even after all these record-breaking seasons, Max Verstappen won’t be able to break three records in 2023. What can be those three records that are still out of reach of the reigning F1 double-time champion?


A. Max Verstappen Won’t Be Able To Break The Most Pole Positions In A Season

Max Verstappen Sebastian Vettel
2HXPJDA 03/10/2022, Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir, Formula 1 test drives in Bahrain 2022, in the picture All drivers are on the start-finish line at their vehicles for the new Netflix filming. Max Verstappen (NEL), Oracle Red Bull Racing, Sebastian Vettel (DEU), Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team

Currently, this record belongs to the former Red Bull champion Sebastian Vettel. He won 15 pole positions in 2011 when he won his second F1 title back to back. But in 2023, Max Verstappen has won only nine pole positions. Since six races are remaining, Verstappen can at least equal that record. But he won’t be able to break it in 2023. 

B. Most Consecutive Pole Positions That Belongs To The Great Senna

Max Verstappen Ayrton Senna
Max Verstappen Ayrton Senna Source: Daily Express

The record for most consecutive pole positions belongs to the three-time champion late Ayrton Senna. Verstappen might win his third title this year. But he won’t win eight pole positions in a row in 2023. As there are only six races remaining. But Senna achieved this feat back in 1989. But Max Verstappen has been able to win five poles in a row in 2023. 

C. Max Missed The Chance To Secure Podium In Every Single Race In A Season

Max Verstappen Michael Schumacher
Max Verstappen Michael Schumacher Source: Daily Express

Currently, this record belongs to the great seven-time champion Michael Schumacher. The great German achieved this feat back in 2002 when he stood on the podium of all the 17 Grands Prix that season. Schumacher did not win six of those races. Michael Schumacher finished at P2 on five occasions and at P3 once. Verstappen was very close to achieving this feat until Red Bull had a tough time in the Singaporean Grand Prix. Shockingly enough, Max finished at P5. Carlos Sainz helped Ferrari end the Red Bull’s winning streak.

Max Verstappen And Red Bull Have Been A Deadly Combination Since 2021

Like last year, Max Verstappen broke the most wins in a season record, and he has broken countless records this season as well. For instance, Verstappen broke Sebastian Vettel’s record for most consecutive wins in a season. Moreover, Vettel won nine races in a row in 2013 for Red Bull. It was the record for a driver of most consecutive wins in a season for a decade. But Verstappen won ten in a row this year until Ferrari’s Carlos Sainz broke his winning streak.

Red Bull Adrian Newey Christian Horner
Red Bull Adrian Newey Max Verstappen Christian Horner Source: Sustain Health Magazine

Moreover, Verstappen went past Ayrton Senna’s overall win tally in Formula One this year. Now he has more wins in F1 than the Brazilian legend Ayrton Senna. On top of that, Verstappen helped Red Bull win their 100th Grand Prix win in F1. The Dutchman has also helped his team to break the iconic McLaren’s record of 1988. Now, Red Bull is also enjoying the most consecutive wins in F1 history.