Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors
Jonathan Kuminga Steve Kerr Warriors Source: Sporting News

The Golden State Warriors looked good since the first regular season game, owing to the brilliance of Stephen Curry. But things suddenly fell apart as they went on to lose six games on the trot. That’s when the dominos started to fall. Moreover, the 5 game suspension of Draymond Green did not help the GSW’s cause either. As long as Steph Curry is healthy, the Warriors will have a shot to win plenty of games.

But they need to make some moves before the trade deadline if they want to see themselves in a better condition. Klay Thompson has an expiring contract. Hence, he’s a viable option for a trade deal. They can also use Andrew Wiggins, who’s looking for a fresh start. On top of that, the GSW can use some of their young assets for a trade package to draw some team’s interest.


Which Players Might Interest The Warriors To Turn Things Around?

Pascal Siakam Raptors
Pascal Siakam Raptors Source: Sportsnet

First of all, there is Kyle Kuzma. Currently, the Washington Wizards are struggling with a horrible start to the season. They may look to rebuild the team, and they might just start to do that while trading Kyle Kuzma before December 15. To acquire Kuzma, the GSW might trade Kuminga or Moses and even Wiggins. They can help Poole take things seriously. Besides Kuzma, Daniel Gafford can help the Warriors gain power in their offense as well as size. Secondly, the GSW can always vouch for Alex Caruso. This former Lakers player can be an upgrade to the injured Gary Payton, the second. But the Chicago Bulls won’t let Caruso go so cheaply. They might ask for a couple more players besides Kuminga and Moses.

The GSW will have a player with championship experience in Caruso. Thirdly, there is Pascal Siakam. Really, if the Warriors want to make the playoffs after a horrible start to the season, they might need an All-Star player. And that’s Siakam. Moreover, the Toronto Raptors might be ready to part ways with Pascal Siakam. They’re looking to rebuild, too, centering around Scottie Barnes. Hence, they might let Siakam go before he becomes a free agent. In return, the Warriors can trade Andrew Wiggins, who would love to go play at home. The GSW might add either Kuminga or Moses in that deal as well. Moreover, the Warriors can also let Chris Paul go as he has an expiring contract. It might help the Raptors to free up some cap space in the offseason. 

GSW Might Need Some Major Roster Changes

Steph Curry
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For the Warriors, Kuzma must be a naturally logical choice. He’ll be a serious player when he gets to play alongside someone like Steph Curry and not Jordan Poole. The top stars of Steve Kerr’s side, except Curry, have not performed well so far. For instance, Klay Thompson has really struggled this season so far. On the other hand, Green was responsible for the loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the last game. Even the fortune has not been favoring the Warriors.

Moreover, the franchise with the modern-day dynasty suffered quite a few narrow losses this regular season. After 22 games, the San Francisco-based team has lost 12 games already. It is not a pretty start for a team that wants to win their 5th title in ten years. Since stars are not performing as well as Steve Kerr would like, except, of course, Steph Curry, the coach should try the young guns available to them. However, Steve Kerr has been really reluctant to use Jonathan Kuminga and also Moses Moody.