Aaron Boone
Yankees manager Aaron Boone didn’t use his closer in last night’s ALDS Game 3 loss to the Guardians. David Dermer/AP

The New York Yankees have dumped their first two months of hardwork into trash as they went 6-16 in the last 22 games and dropped seven series in a row. While the players deserve most of the blame for lacking consistency, perhaps its time to look at the bigger picture.

Brian Cashman has done his part in front office by building the most formidable roster he could with the resources he had. However, manager Aaron Boone and his approach has been questionable to say the least. Lets explore three such stats which prove Boone’s incompetency and why the Yankees must fire him effective immediately.


1. Yankees Lazy Work On Bases

Aaron Boone says Anthony Volpe is the “real deal on the basepaths.” Robert Sabo for NY Post

It’s no hidden secret that the New York Yankees aren’t the most athletic roster in the league, as they have a mix of veteran and young players in the lineup. However, the team’s stolen base count has witnessed a steep decline. Across the last 20 games, the Bombers haven’t stolen a single base.

Anthony Volpe, who recorded 20/20 in his rookie career, made only 11 steal attempts in his last 61 games, which is down from the eight attempts he made in the first 30 games of the season. Oswaldo Cabrera is not even bothered about making an attempt this year. Yet Aaron Boone hasn’t stepped in to intervene. The Yankees continue to carry on with this lazy approach, and it’s evidently costing them scoring opportunities.

2. Allowing Free Passage To Rafael Devers 

Gerrit Cole, Rafael Devers

Rafael Devers is the one responsible for the New York Yankees’ constant humiliation against arch-rivals Boston Red Sox in the past seven years. His record against the Bombers is phenomenal. In the past 15 games against the Yanks, he has hit .451 with 7 home runs and 15 RBIs. Devers once again overpowered Gerrit Cole and Luis Gil to steer the Red Sox to a second series win over the Bombers this season.

Despite Devers’ insane record, Aaron Boone hasn’t put any effort to come up with a proper game plan. Cole is still feeding him fastballs in the strike zone, whereas Gil has no idea where to pitch to the giant beast because his manager has no antidote to Devers. Boone is clueless, and that clearly reflects on his pitchers’ performance on the mound.

3. Yankees Have A Constant Pattern Of Unacceptable Stretches

Robert Sabo / New York Post

The New York Yankees were the first team to clock 50 wins this season. But since then, they went 5-15 in the next 20 games, which is the worst stretch in MLB this past month. Now, the most concerning part is that this is the Yanks’ third time in a row witnessing such unacceptable stretches, and it has happened only thrice in the past 21 years, all under Aaron Boone’s reign.

This has become a pattern, and the manager is least bothered to address it. He prefers to call it a bump in the road each year, except that it’s not just a normal rough stretch. The problem lies deep within the organization, and its approach and mindset. It’s safe to say that to accomplish the World Series dream, change is inevitable.

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