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Check Out How The New Formula One Rule Will End Red Bull RB19’s Subtle Dominance Once And For All!

Red Bull has been enjoying an unprecedented hegemony since last year. They have won all the races so far this season. Only ten more races to go. They can win it all. The Austrian team can become the first team to win every race in a season. However, it might not be great for the F1 motorsport since fans like to see some competition.

But Red Bull has not let any team come closer to challenge them since the previous season. As a result, the governing body, FIA, and also F1 might come up with new rules to curb the power of the most dominant team in recent times. According to the German news outlet Auto Motor und Sport, F1 is planning to set a new rule regarding the use of DRS. If this rule sees actual implementation, then teams won’t be able to use DRS in the qualifying session without restrictions.


F1 Might Introduce New Rule To End The Hegemony Of Red Bull

Christian Horner Red Bull F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali
Christian Horner Red Bull F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali Source: TimesLIVE

The German paper did not state if they might implement the rule change in the future or right away. According to this rule, teams would only use DRS on the actual race day but not during the qualifying sessions. As per Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull enjoys top speed advantage around the DRS throughout the season. Moreover, the German publication shared the data they gathered in the Belgian Grand Prix, and it shows there is a huge gap because of Red Bull’s speed advantage. According to these data, Max Verstappen clocks 340.8 km/h, but Checo clocks 338.8 km/h around the DRS zones.

On the other hand, Mercedes’s Lewis Hamilton clocks 333 km/h around the same passages. Despite Hamilton being able to carry a better entry speed than both Checo and Max through Eau Rouge, the Red Bull drivers got on top of the seven-time champion due to DRS’s advantage. These advantages indeed make a difference as Red Bull tops the timesheet every week as tracks have three DRS zones or a longer section. For instance, Lewis Hamilton won the pole position in Hungary. Later, he pointed out that Red Bull’s advantage around DRS was suddenly missing. But the fact is the Hungaroring track has two DRS passages, relatively short. 

Max And Checo Can Do What No Other Team In F1 History Has Done Before

Sergio Perez Max Verstappen
Sergio Perez Max Verstappen Red Bull Source: CNN

In 1988 McLaren, with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, fell one race short of winning every race. Moreover, back in 2016, Mercedes fell two races short of winning all 21 Grands Prix. But the way Red Bull is moving on with Max Verstappen steering the RB19, it looks very possible that they will remain undefeated this year. Moreover, the Dutchman is on a winning streak of eight consecutive races.

On the other hand, his teammate, Sergio Perez, won a couple of Grands Prix in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan. But then it was the Max Verstappen show. However, Red Bull is enjoying a vast lead in the constructor title as Verstappen is enjoying in the driver’s championship. Last year, Max won 15 races, and Red Bull won 17 races overall. This year they might better their record of last season.