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Check Out Fans’ Hilarious Reaction On Yankees Office Charging Players For Wi-Fi On Team Flights

The New York Yankees are apparently charging their players for using the in-flight Wifi during the team’s official tours.

The Yankees rank as one of the most prestigious franchises in baseball history, with a long tradition of success and a reputation for being one of the sport’s most elite organizations. They are worth around $6 billion. Moreover, the team is known for shelling out millions of dollars every single off-season to get the best of the bests in the trade market. Just this off-season, they spent over $500 million on just four players.


With such money, the players enjoy a luxurious life with all elite benefits. However, a reporter from Sports Illustrated has shed some light on a strange rule within the Yankees organization that has caught the attention of the entire baseball community. Moreover, This news has led to some mockery and criticism from baseball fans, who argue that the rule is absurd and ridiculous.

Yankees Charging Players For Using In-Flight Wifi, Become A Subject Of Mockery

Brian Cashman
Brian Cashman says Anthony Volpe is “doing everything he needs to do” in the Yankees’ shortstop competition. Charles Wenzelberg/NY Post

The New York Yankees rank among the top five sports organizations in the world. They have a hefty budget to spend on players and their needs throughout the tournament and even beyond. However, Stephanie Apstein of Sports Illustrated has made a startling revelation about the club. She said that the Yanks are charging their player $9 per flight to use the in-field Wifi provided by the Delta Company. The team has an estimated net worth of $6 billion and generates hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year.

Hence, the team’s decision to charge players for Wifi on flights has drawn criticism from fans. While a few mocked Yankees for pettiness, others ridiculed it, saying that it’s not a big of an expense that the team cannot cover. The Yankees are the only team after Oakland Athletics who are charging players for using in-flight Wifi. Meanwhile, the cap, Aaron Judge, remains least bothered by the rule as he has apparently found a loophole. Judge is using a T-Mobile, which offers free Wifi plans on planes.

Hal Steinbrenner Is Keeping A Check On The Team’s Payroll

New York Yankees owner, Hal Steinbrenner, arrived in Tampa to attend the Yanks’ spring training outing against the Philadelphia Phillies and also addressed the media during the game. He was asked about the luxury tax regulation that is hanging over the team’s heads. Hal responded by saying that he intends not to spend more than $300 million this season as he thinks no team should spend that much money to win a championship.

Yankees Owner Hal Steinbrenner, Mike Stobe Getty Images

The Yankees are facing the luxury tax threshold due to excessive spending this off-season. They signed Aaron Judge, Carlos Rodon, and Anthony Rizzo for $360 million, $162 million, and $40 million, respectively. Once they exceed the threshold, the team will have to pay an 80% tax on every dollar spent as they are second-time offenders. Hal certainly is keeping a close check and stays determined not to spend over $300 million.