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Charles Leclerc Motivated To Show Lewis Hamilton What He’s Capable Of Against The Most Successful Racer

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc will be teammates next year for Ferrari. Now, the fans of the most iconic team in F1 might argue about who will be the main driver of the team and who is going to play the role of the second. Charles Leclerc has been part of the Italian team for a while now. In 2022, Charles Leclerc finished at P2 behind Max Verstappen. Albeit he was 146 points away from the reigning champion, he became a fan favorite for the most successful team in the sport. Lately, though, the only non-Red Bull driver to win a couple of races since last year has been Carlos Sainz Jr. Lewis Hamilton will replace this Spaniard at Ferrari in 2025.

But the seven-time champion has been winless since 2022. On the other hand, Carlos Sainz Jr. has not been winless in any season since 2022. He won one Grand Prix in 2022 and then last year as well. Again this year in Australia, as Max Verstappen had a DNF, Carlos utilized the opportunity to get a win. But the fans can’t wait for 2024 to be over, for Hamilton will be in Ferrari colors. Recently, Charles Leclerc said he plans to learn a lot from Hamilton but also wants to challenge the greatest to prove what’s his worth.


Charles Leclerc Wants To Challenge Lewis Hamilton Driving The Same Car To Prove What He’s Capable Of Doing

Charles Leclerc Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Helmut Marko
Charles Leclerc Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Helmut Marko Source: grand prix 247

Very early in 2024, Lewis Hamilton shocked the F1 world after he announced his move to Maranello. It was hard to process that he would leave Mercedes after such a long stint with them. Hence, fans are curious to know how the would-be new teammate of Hamilton, Charles Leclerc, reacted to the news. Recently, in an interview with Fox Sports, the Ferrari star mentioned he knew something like that could happen for a while. Nevertheless, it was still a big surprise for the Monegasque racer. Moreover, Leclerc acknowledged Carlos Sainz Jr. as a great teammate. He said he had “Amazing relationship” with the Spaniard over the years.

Moreover, the Monacan driver added that he and Carlos had more difficult years together as the car’s performance was not quite what they wanted. Finally, Carlos and Charles would want their last year as Ferrari teammates to end in the best possible way, as they have been working extremely well together. Moreover, Charles Leclerc said he is looking for a new big challenge to have the most successful racer of all time as his teammate. The Monegasque racer believes he will learn a lot from the seven-time champion. But he also sees it as an opportunity to show what he is capable of doing. That’s why he is very excited for the challenge. And he thinks it is going to be great. 

2024 Has Been A Case Of Mixed Fortunes For Next Year’s Ferrari Teammates

Charles Leclerc, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes, Ferrari
Lewis Hamilton and Charles Leclerc. Source – rapidleaks.com

Charles Leclerc had a pretty good start to the ongoing season. He already had two podium finishes after the first three GPs, in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton has been still struggling with the Mercedes car. The Silver Arrows have not provided the right car for Hamilton since 2022.

That’s why he remained winless. And his dream of winning the eighth title seems to get too far-fetched. Lewis Hamilton will be 40 next year. It will be a challenge indeed for him to give his best for a new team and against a new promising young teammate. After George Russell in Mercedes, it will be Leclerc at Ferrari.

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