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Celtics’ Jayson Tatum Leaves Hilarious Comment On LeBron James’ Celebratory Instagram Post! Check Out

The Los Angeles Lakers have been great for the last two months. Their newly found form has helped them reach from the bottom of the table to the seventh seed. LeBron James and Anthony Davis have undoubtedly made a huge impact on the game. But the tables turned when the front office decided to bring some changes to the squad. It was a detrimental decision to bring in new players because the Lakers were struggling without depth in their team. However, the new players did not just bring depth, but they also brought much-needed quality to the court.

Coach Darvin Ham is a great coach to have withered all these circumstances for the team. But he also struggled with his approach as he had to play players in different positions in order to make a cut. However, the team has now passed those struggling days and now enjoys the pressure of the postseason. Although it was very hard to believe that the Lakers could even make it to the postseason, they have surely done it. And to honor this struggle, LeBron James posted glimpses of their last game, which they won with overtime struggles.


LeBron James’ Mocked By Jayson Tatum

The former NBA champion added on his Instagram to share the victory they earned on Tuesday night. However, LeBron James did it a little too early than his usual wake-up routine. Therefore the people started commenting about him being awake earlier than he should be. There were loads and loads of people who were pointing out the same thing below his post. But one comment stood out and went viral with more than fifty thousand likes.

The man who mocked James was Boston Celtics’ star player Jayson Tatum. He reminded LeBron James in the comments that he had played 48 minutes last night and that he should take some sleep. Many people on the internet found this hilarious and are still liking and sharing the comment.

LeBron’s Unmatchable Consistency This Year!

LeBron James. Credit - Vasquez/USA Today Sports, via Reuters

The 38-year-old has been phenomenal, considering the effort he has put in this year. He is recovering quicker, making more impact, and scoring as hot as usual. It does not look like that his father’s time is catching up with him at all. And with as much vigor as he does it, the day is not far when he will be sharing the court with his sons. LeBron James even played 45 extended minutes against the Minnesota Timberwolves to ensure the victory of the Lakers.

The old man stayed on for more than 45 minutes to give his team a strong presence on the court. In the meantime, he also scored 30 points, ten rebounds, six assists, one steal, and two blocks. His enormous talent and hunger are what make him average 28.9 points, 8.3 rebounds, and 6.8 assists throughout the season.