Sir Lewis Hamilton will replace Carlos Sainz Jr. at Ferrari next year. This news came as a shock to almost every F1 follower. The most common reaction was when fans wondered why the seven-time champion would leave Mercedes after so many years together. Moreover, the Maranello team has not won a title for over a decade. On the other hand, the British superstar has been winless for two seasons in a row. If he really wants to win the coveted eighth title, then what’s the point of joining a team that has not managed to dominate the grid over 15 years? 

Clearly, Lewis Hamilton has noticed some significant improvements happening at the Italian improvement. Moreover, in 2024, Ferrari had a great start, as they are right behind Red Bull in terms of pace. They have already won a race this year. It was Carlos Sainz Jr. who won the Australian Grand Prix. After the race in Melbourne, Fred Vasseur said his team could catch up to Red Bull this year. The Spanish driver echoed the team boss’s confidence, expressing his dissatisfaction about leaving them next year. 


The Lewis Hamilton Switch To Ferrari Made Carlos Sainz Jr. “Sad”


Last year, Carlos Sainz Jr. became just the one non-Red Bull driver to win a Grand Prix. Hence, it came as a surprise that Ferrari was willing to replace the Spaniard with Lewis Hamilton. It is understandable that it was even more shocking for the current Charles Leclerc’s teammate early this year. Moreover, the Prancing Horse is gradually looking like a team worthy to fight for the title with noticeable improvements in their car. There will be key changes in regulation from 2026 onwards. Perhaps these improvements are good signs for the progress of the Ferrari team. Carlos would have loved to be a part of that progress. That’s what he tried to say during his interview with Gazzetta’s Sportweek magazine. 

The 2024 Australian GP winner mentioned that it will be his last year at Maranello, but he feels happy and sad simultaneously. He feels happy because of the “Growth of the single-seater.” However, the reason for him feeling sad is that they won’t continue the journey together. Despite winning two races since 2023, the Prancing Horse has left the Madrid-born driver hanging for the next year. If it was not for the Spanish driver, Red Bull would have enjoyed a 100% win record since last year. Nevertheless, the couple of wins since 2023 have made Sainz an attractive target for top teams looking at the driver’s market.

With Which Team Does The Future Of The Madrid-born Driver Lies?

Carlos Sainz
Photo by: Ferrari

As per sources, Audi has made a lucrative offer to Carlos Sainz Jr., but Audi’s future in Formula 1 is quite uncertain. They are making an entry in the sport in 2026. Audi will rejoin Sauber in 2025. Later, they will take full control of the team and will become a full-scale manufacturer in F1 2026. Nico Hulkenberg recently signed with Audi as their first driver signing. What will Carlos do about his lucrative offer from Audi?

Due to Audi’s uncertain future as an F1 team, the Spanish racer is waiting for offers from two other powerhouses – Red Bull and Mercedes. According to Helmut Marko, RBR’s senior advisor, they showed interest in Carlos. But they won’t match Audi’s lucrative offer. 

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