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Captain Aaron Judge Sings Yankees Skipper’s Tune After Being Swept By Braves, Gets Trolled

The New York Yankees, known for their storied history and championship legacy, are no strangers to challenges. Throughout its history, the team has faced ups and downs. But their ability to persevere and bounce back has been a defining characteristic that has been missing this year.

On Wednesday, the New York Yankees recorded their four straight loss after being swept by the mighty Atlanta Braves. The visitors recorded a 2-0 loss in the finale and fell below .500 this late into the season for the first time in 30 years. Naturally, the team faced the wrath of the fans and analysts alike. Amid this heat, captain Aaron Judge stood up for his team, which sadly got him massively trolled.


Aaron Judge Trolled After Echoing Aaron Boone’s Sentiments

Credit: NY Post

The 2023 season has been a difficult one to watch for hardcore New York Yankees fans. The team is falling to a new low with each loss, with the postseason berth almost out of their reach. Amid this, the Yanks got badly swept by Atlanta Braves, which again landed the team in hot waters. Meanwhile, after Wednesday’s 2-0 loss, Aaron Judge, the captain, came forward to back the team. He said that they are just a couple of winning streaks away from where they want to be, which is in the playoff wildcard spot. Moreover, Judge quoted skipper Aaron Boone’s iconic line, “All year, it’s right in front of us.” However, just as Boone got trolled for his aggressive statement, Judge met the same fate despite being a fan favorite.

Aaron Judge got massively trolled for his statement following the 2-0 loss to Atlanta Braves. Fans took to social media sites to call out the slugger for his delusional belief. While some fans felt sad about Judge’s helpless state, others blamed him for showing a lack of accountability. Having said that, the pressure of playing for a franchise like the Yankees comes with high expectations. The team’s fanbase is passionate and invested, which can lead to heightened scrutiny during challenging times. Hence, the guys back in the clubhouse must not take the criticism to heart and keep fighting to the teeth until it’s officially over. Lastly, with less than 40 games at hand, it would be interesting to see how the Yanks approach the late playoff push.

Yankees Skipper Reacts To Aaron Judge’s Harsh Statement Following 5-0 Loss To Braves

Just a day earlier, Aaron Judge seemed in a different mood. Following a 5-0 loss to the Braves on Tuesday, Judge came out to address the media, looking extremely pissed and frustrated. Further, describing the Yankees’ current state, Judge said that the boys are not showing up. The unit is not showing up where they need to, and it’s sad that it has come down to this.

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Reacting to Aaron Judges’ unusual statement, skipper Aaron Boone said that while he cannot speak for the captain, he is sure the slugger’s intention meant to motivate the team to get the desired performance. Undoubtedly, the Yankees, as a team, are not coming through as they should, and the captain’s frustration is understandable.