Aaron Judge in the dugout during the Yankees’ game against the Red Sox on June 10, 2023. Robert Sabo for the NY Post

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, elevated his team’s playoff odds after returning from IL following a two-month-long absence. While a half-healthy Judge has stretched himself more than he should, the lack of support from his mates has doomed the team. With 60-61, the Yanks’ odds of making it to the postseason looked extremely bleak.

Having said that, Aaron Judge, despite recurring disappointment, is backing the team to make a difference towards the end. Following a humiliating series loss to Atlanta Braves, the captain passes on a statement to motivate his Yankee teammates to stage a perfect comeback. However, those comments backfired on Judge as he received massive flak from the fans.


Aaron Judge Claims Yankees Need Just A Couple Of Streaks To Make It To Playoffs

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sent a message to his teammates with his postgame comments on Tuesday, saying execution needs to be better if the Yankees want to make the playoffs. AP

The New York Yankees hit a new low following a 2-0 loss to Atlanta Braves on Wednesday. It was the team’s four straight loss, and subsequently, they slipped below the .500 ball club for the first time since May. Moreover, the Bronx Bombers also set up 30 years of unwanted franchise history as the club fell below .500 this late into the season for the first time since 1995. However, despite everything, captain Aaron Judge chose to look for the positives. He addressed the reporters after the loss and said that the Yanks remain just a couple of streaks away from where they want to be. Moreover, as the group travels back home, Judge hopes that they will get the necessary reset to come out stronger.

Aaron Judge signed off by quoting Yankees manager Aaron Boone’s statement, “It’s right in front of us. We’ve gotta go out there and take it.” Well, Judge’s optimism and belief if commendable. After all, he is the captain and has the responsibility to lead by example. He wants to create an atmosphere within the clubhouse where everyone feels secure and there is no room for any self-doubt. Having said that, the captain has to have some sense of touch with reality. The team stands 6.5 games below the wildcard playoff spot in a very competitive AL-East division. Moreover, they have 16 games scheduled with the East rivals. Hence, the road to glory is not going to be easy at all. The whole unit collectively needs to bring out their best to achieve the playoff dream.

Fans Outraged With Aaron Judge’s Latest Comments Following Loss To Braves

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (99) reacts after he strikes out in a Yankees-Rays game on July 31, 2023. Robert Sabo for NY Post

While Aaron Judge is a good leader in the Yankee clubhouse, the fans are not at all pleased with his delusional optimism. The captain’s “right in front of us” comments sparked a major debate on social media. Many believe that Judge is not being himself and speaking the Yankees’ corporate language.

On the other hand, a few fans also believe that the Yankees have let terribly let down Aaron Judge. His prime is getting wasted in New York. Well, the recent series of losses has been tough on fans as much as it has been on the players. They demand a better fighting spirit from a franchise with a storied history.