Aaron Judge
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The New York Yankees officially concluded its 2023 MLB season campaign by conceding a series defeat vs. the Royals. The team finishes fourth on the AL-East table with a record of 82-80 while narrowly escaping the last place. Having said that, Aaron Judge, the losing captain, had a lot going on his mind as his team wrapped up the season.

Aaron Judge, who remains in the first season of his gigantic nine-year $360 million extension contract, expressed displeasure over the workings of the organization. Considering the bigger picture, he called for immediate changes in the age-old philosophies of the franchise. Not only that, Judge spoke about the future of manager Aaron Boone and shared his thoughts on the same.


Aaron Judge Urges Yankees To Figure Out The Right Usage Of Analytics!

Aaron Judge
New York Yankees right fielder Aaron Judge. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

As the New York Yankees concluded the season’s final game against the Royals on Sunday, a dejected and lifeless Aaron Judge sat in the bullpen, soaking in the disappointment. A lot of thoughts ran into his mind, which he let out during a crucial press conference. First things first, the captain called for a sense of urgency within the camp. He believes that one must not stop looking for ways to improve just because they have made it to the big leagues and New York, for that matter. These additional four weeks of rest should be considered an opportunity to reflect on those shortcomings. Further, Judge raised his doubts over the efficacy of analytics in a very direct approach.

Aaron Judge said that while he is not questioning the genuineness of the numeric data, the process of consideration should be looked into. The captain believes that there is a chance the Yankees are probably not looking at the right numbers. “I think maybe we might be looking at the wrong ones. We need to value some other ones that people might see as having no value,” added Judge. But at the same time, he refused to dive deeper into the aspect. Having said that, the star slugger saw a ray of new hope in the youth movement. He says that with the new group coming in, the roster will strengthen in 2024. The captain is excited to build a team around them and strongly believes that adding a couple of pieces will put them in a good spot this coming winter.

Yankees Cap Continues To Lend His Support To Skipper Aaron Boone!

Aaron Judge shared a moment with Manager Aaron Boone after circling the bases for his 61st home run of the season.Credit…Chris Donovan for The New York Times

Despite a lost season, captain Aaron Judge refuses to hold the skipper Aaron Boone accountable. He still thinks that the 50-year-old is the right man for the manager’s role of the Yankees. Judge lauded Boone’s communication in holding guys accountable this year. “If he sees things he doesn’t like, he’s going to call you in the office and let you know,” added Judge.

Aaron Judge also feels that the pressure of handling a team like the Yankees has taken a toll on Aaron Boone’s health. He tends to check on his every once in a while to see if the skipper is doing okay. Boone is 50 and faced a heart scare in the past. Regardless, the captain is ready to back the manager in every capacity and expects more years with him.