Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge sat out the spring training games on March 11, 2024. AP

The New York Yankees fans have immense faith in Aaron Judge. He has been leading the team since last season. It was the year before when the 16th captain in the franchise’s history made the fans really proud. Moreover, the new captain of the NY side broke the American League Home run record in 2022, hitting 62 homers. Eventually, the superstar slugger of the Bronx Bombers won the American League Most Valued Player award that same year. As a result, the New York organization decided to make Aaron Judge their new captain ahead of the 2023 season. However, the previous season did not go as the fans had hoped.

The Pinstripes failed to make the postseason in 2023. It was the first time for the NY side since 2016 when they could not qualify for the playoffs. Moreover, the 2023 season was the worst for the Yankees in the last 30 years. They finished fourth in the American League East division with an awful 82-80 record. Since then, the Yankees have made a lot of changes to their roster. Moreover, as the teams are gearing up for the Opening Day in 2024, the Bronx Bombers look like real contenders for the World Series. But Aaron Judge feels words are not enough, as the team must go out there and prove it. 


Aaron Judge Feels It Is High Time That Yankees Let Their Game Speak For Itself

Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees
Aaron Judge Giancarlo Stanton Yankees Source: Fox News

Recently, in an interview with The New York Daily News, Aaron Judge told Gary Phillips that it is easier to sit and talk about a lot of things. But for him and his team, it is more important to go out there and actually do it. Moreover, the 2022 AL MVP mentioned that he could sit and talk about the significant changes they made in the offseason. After all, they have a new offense with Juan Soto, who’s arguably the best hitter in baseball, coming in along with Alex Verdugo and Trent Grisham. Moreover, the 27-time champions have new pitchers in their bullpen as well.

But the Yankees captain feels that’s not enough. Moreover, Aaron Judge mentioned they have a job going out there. Adding to that, the NY side’s captain told Phillips, “We have to let our game speak for itself.” That’s exactly what the most successful franchise in MLB plans to do in 2024. Moreover, the Yankees captain credits the team for a “Different level of focus.” It is the preparation that makes Judge feel confident about the upcoming season. 

Can The Bronx Bombers End Their World Series Drought This Year?

Boone is in his sixth season as Yankees manager. Robert Sabo for NY Post

Aaron Judge feels that focus and preparation have been more important factors for him, and he believes the team can go a long way this year. However, other experts and fans can claim that roster changes are the most essential factor in making them look like contenders. However, the 2022 AL MVP credits the different levels of focus in the whole organization.

Judge added, “It has been just a great energy throughout the camp.” The Yankees captain said everybody in the team is ready to get stuff rolling. As per The Score, the NY side will be at Minute Maid Park in Texas for their Opening Day game on Thursday. For their first game of the regular season, the Yankees will face off against the Houston Astros. 

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