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Canadian Wildfire Smoke Hampers Yankees Game, Fans Drags Blue Jays Into It To Poke Fun

The New York Yankees had a successful road trip last week on the west coast as they won two consecutive series. After a day’s break, the team returned back home to New York for the next stretch of home games. The home stretch commenced with the series against the Chicago White Sox on Tuesday. The hosts ended up losing the game by one run in the absence of their captain, Aaron Judge.

However, the game stayed in the news for other reasons. The game was played at the Yankee Stadium situated in the Bronx, New York, under the lights. However, as soon as the game commenced, a thick fog hovered over the stadium, which covered the skies completely. Apparently, the visibility dropped to a certain extent, but the game largely remained unaffected by the weather condition. Meanwhile, the Yankee fanbase has found a Blue Jays connection to it.


Smoke From Canadian Wildfire Covers Yankee Stadium During Live Game

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Baseball games are typically played under clear skies, with fans enjoying the action on the field. However, unusual weather circumstances can occasionally impact the game. Such an incident occurred during the recent game between the Yankees and the White Sox. Thick smoke covered the entire stadium within minutes on Tuesday. The smoke was apparently from the wildfire caused in the Quebec province of Canada. The authorities have reported 413 active fires burning in the neighboring country, and the smoke of the fire has traveled all the way to Yankee Stadium in New York.

As a result, the air quality in the stadium dropped to hazardous and was declared unfit for people with heart and lung disease. Despite everything, the game continued without any disruptions. However, the Yankees management has assured that the organization will monitor the situation and will make changes in the schedule if necessary. Meanwhile, the New York state authorities are expecting the smoke to lay over the city for at least the next few days. Moreover, residents of the city are advised to don masks until the smog clears. Overall, it remains to be seen if at the Yankees’ schedule for the week gets disrupted due to the recent unforeseen weather conditions.

Yankee Fanbase Blames Toronto Blue Jays For Disrupting Yankees Home Game

New York Yankees second baseman Gleyber Torres throws to first after forcing out Toronto Blue Jays’ Bo Bichette. May 16, 2023, in Toronto. (Chris Young/The Canadian Press via AP)AP

The smoke during the Yankees’ recent game against the White Sox attracted a lot of attention from the fans. The smog reportedly traveled all the way from Canada as the country reported a giant-scale wildfire last week. However, the Yankee fanbase chose to blame the Toronto Blue Jays for the extreme weather conditions. Both the Yankees and Blue Jays are neck to neck in the East Table.

For context, there is a lot of bad blood between the Bombers and the Jays due to the events unfolding during their last meet-up. Hence, the Yankees fans blamed the Blue Jays for hampering the Yankees’ campaign as the team is standing just a few games below them in the American League East Table. Keeping the rumor aside, the Blue Jays had nothing to do with the smoke. Its a natural calamity per se.