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Can Aaron Judge & Juan Soto Be The Next Best Duo For The New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees look solid because of the new duo of Aaron Judge and Juan Soto. It was not the case after the last season. In 2023, all the pressure was on the NY side’s captain. After all, he was the only superstar on the team. Later, Judge had a freak accident at the Los Angeles Dodgers fence. As a result, he had to sit out for 35 games on the trot. That was a big blow for the Bronx Bombers. As a result, the Yankees could not make the postseason for the first time since 2016. Moreover, they finished with a horrible 82-80 record.

It was their worst season in the last 30 years. Anyway, the front office did make some significant changes in the offseason. The Yankees went into the offseason quite early, when they had expected. Anyhow, the most significant addition to the NY side’s roster was Juan Soto. Now, the offense looks really solid with the duo of Soto and Judge. The Dominican superstar should protect the Yankees captain in the batting order. And after a long time, the Yankees Nation will see an exciting duo in their batting order. This upcoming season might mark the start of something special for the NY side. 


Aaron Judge And Juan Soto: A Special Combination For The Yankees?

Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees
Juan Soto Aaron Judge Yankees Source: Sports Illustrated

It can be an extraordinary duo for the NY side if Juan Soto agrees to sign an extension with the Bronx Bombers in free agency this year. Over the years, the Yankees had big names play for their side. The last time the 27-time champions had a pair so good was during the time of Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez. However, their chemistry in the team was pretty controversial. Despite questionable chemistry, Rodriguez and Jeter helped the side win the World Series in 2009. But in this case, both Juan Soto and Aaron Judge seem to get along really well. As per YES Network, Juan Soto mentioned both he and Judge know the strike zones pretty well.

That’s why he has a great feeling about the prospect of their partnership. However, if the Dominican superstar moves to some other team in free agency, he won’t be a Yankees legend like Rodriguez and Jeter. But the pair of Judge and Soto seem to complement each other really well. The left-hand, right-hand combination should boost the team’s offense. Moreover, Judge is 31, and Soto is 25. Hence, they can possibly play for a long time. But at the end of the day, the chemistry of the pair can be the key to Soto’s extension with the NY side. 

How Good Is The Chemistry of The Soto-Judge Pair?


According to MLB.com’s Bryan Hoch, Juan Soto mentioned he always heard Judge was a great guy. But now Soto feels that the Yankees captain is even better than what he heard. The Dominican superstar mentioned that Aaron Judge’s vibe is really good. Moreover, Soto said Judge is trying to be positive and win as much as possible. Later, Hoch revealed that Aaron Judge had said similar positive things about his partner in baseball crimes as well. Judge mentioned, “Soto’s a New York Yankee.”

The Yankees captain wants to make Soto’s first year in the Bronx a good one. Moreover, he wants to make it his best year. Also, Aaron Judge mentioned if the Dominican slugger feels right and keeps doing what he does best, then the team will move one step closer to the “Big Dance.” Hence, if the 2024 season sees the team doing well, they can come to a long-term extension with Soto. And that would make this year the start of a special duo in the Bronx.

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