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A $7 billion dollar baseball franchise, the New York Yankees, faced a setback when luxury tax regulations were introduced a few years ago. Their ‘Evil Empire’ suffered as much as their odds of winning a World Series championship. However, despite the tax regulation in place, Hal Steinbrenner already violated the terms once in the past.

Moreover, the New York Yankees barely escaped the penalty last time. Now, this season as well, the financial considerations have posed as a major roadblock in the team’s quest for a top-tier pitching talent. Amid the raging buzz, MLB analysts advised the franchise to stay away from big free agent signing and instead opt for trade to save dollars for generational talent Juan Soto.


MLB Analyst Urge Yankees To Save Money For Juan Soto’s Extension!

Dylan Cease, Blake Snell

The New York Yankees are at a crossroads with respect to the apt choice for starting rotation this off-season. While the franchise is inclined to sign Blake Snell, his financial ask is keeping the leadership at bay for the moment. On the other hand, the Bronx Bombers have the option to trade Dylan Cease from the Chicago White Sox. Amid the dilemma, MLB analyst Britt Ghiroli suggested that the Yanks opt for a trade with the White Sox to land Cease. He firmly believes that Snell is not worth the money he seeks. The pitcher has reliability and durability issues. While Snell is a two-time CY Young award-winning starter, there is nothing noteworthy beyond that.

Britt further added that Dylan Cease is on the same level as Blake Snell, if not better. Trading him would help the Yankees save millions of dollars, which they can use next off-season to extend Juan Soto. Soto is entering his walk year and will enter free agency next season, wherein he is estimated to fetch around a $500 million contract. Thus, the analyst feels that extending Soto’s stay should be the team’s top priority. They do not want to witness a scenario where Blake Snell and Carlos Rodon end up in IL at the same time. Also, losing Soto is something the Bombers cannot afford at the moment. Thus, Britt Ghiroli advised the Bronx Bombers to trade Dylan Cease instead of signing Blake Snell in a heft contract this off-season to safeguard Juan Soto’s future in the Bronx.

Juan Soto Predicted To Win AL-MVP This Year!

Juan Soto

Meanwhile, Juan Soto, the New York Yankees’ newest addition, is expected to earn big this coming season. MLB.com recently dropped probable MVP-winning candidates for the 2024 season and listed Juan Soto as the AL MVP winner. It’s important to note that despite being a three-time All-Star outfielder, Soto has yet to win an MVP trophy. He came close previously but lost to Bryce Harper.

Nonetheless, it seems stars will align this season to award Juan Soto his highest honor. Interestingly, Yankees manager Aaron Boone said earlier that MLB fans have yet to witness Soto’s true potential. Not only that, Boone claimed that he intends to bring the best from Soto in 2024 and wants to see him achieve success in pinstripes.