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Adrian Newey’s departure from Red Bull has left the F1 world buzzing with anticipation. Moreover, the Brit has plenty of options in the F1 arena. Teams like Mercedes, Ferrari, and Aston Martin are waiting to onboard the aero wizard. However, reports suggest the technical maestro might book a ticket to Italy, as the Prancing Horse is on his priority list. 

On the other hand, Lewis Hamilton, who is searching for a form on the circuit, is interested in working with the veteran engineer. The seven-time world champion expressed his admiration for Newey as the Ferrari move is on the cards. Notably, the experienced car designer has been a part of Williams, McLaren, and Red Bull, where he designed some championship-worthy cars. Thus, Newey’s talent could be vital for any F1 team. 


Lewis Hamilton Feels Working With Adrian Newey Would Be A ‘Privilege’

Every motorsport enthusiast was taken aback by the bombshell news of Hamilton’s Ferrari transfer. Currently, the Mercedes driver’s career graph has hit a trough. A seasoned champion, Hamilton has not won a race since 2022 and is enduring the worst-ever start to a season. The Briton has scored 19 points in five races while missing out on the top spots. However, his impending Ferrari move could bring fortune for the star racer, a turn of events that fans eagerly anticipate. 

In a recent conference ahead of Miami GP, Hamilton expressed his outlook on the current ‘Newey scenario.’ The 39-year-old said Newey is among the few on his wishlist; thus, he has always wanted to work with the aero wizard. Although Hamilton remained reticent when asked about Ferrari signing Newey, he feels working with a mastermind would be a ‘privilege.’ The Mercedes champion added that Newey has an impeccable track record. Moreover, his knowledge and experience could be an ‘amazing addition.’ Furthermore, Hamilton remained coy on the question of Ferrari hiring Newey. 

Although Hamilton lauded Newey’s excellence, he believes one should not write off the Red Bull team. A powerful car is built by a team, not just one individual. Thus, he thinks the Milton Keynes-based squad will continue to dominate the circuit, as they have some brilliant minds on the technical team. 

Adrian Newey Will Have An ‘Immediate Impact,’ Says Sergio Perez

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Sergio Perez, the Red Bull driver, feels Adrian Newey is an excellent asset for any team. He thinks Newey has made a massive contribution to shaping RBR and that his success will continue elsewhere. Notably, Perez won five out of his six Grand Prix driving a car designed by Adrian Newey. Checo hailed Newey as a hard-working, clever guy who’ll have an ‘immediate impact’ on any team. 

With Newey’s departure, the F1 grid is ready for intense competition. Consequently, the excitement and exhilaration during the upcoming season will be at its peak.