Red Bull principal
Red Bull principal Christian Horner talking to a Sky Sports reporter

Christian Horner as the team principal of Red Bull, has enjoyed the championship title quite a few times. But the kind of championship-winning streak Mercedes had between 2014 and 2020 was unprecedented. Right before the Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes era of dominance on the F1 grid started, Red Bull had a streak of itself.

From 2010 to 2013, Sebastian Vettel won four consecutive world championships. It ended when Mercedes took the center stage with Hamilton on the steering wheel. Sadly, Christian Horner had to wait for a long time to get back their dominance on the grid. Apparently, from 2021, the hegemony has moved back to Red Bull with the champion, Max Verstappen, turning things around for the Milton Keynes team. However, the boss is not sure about how long the team will be able to enjoy the victories.


Christian Horner Feels Things Can Turn Around Quickly

Christian Horner
Christian Horner Red Bull

After the three days of pre-season tests in Bahrain, it was evident that Red Bull is the strongest side. But it was confirmed after the opening Grand Prix of the current season. Christian Horner must be proud of the Red Bull and Honda partnership. Honda as their engine partner, has helped Horner and his side to reach the summit again. Red Bull’s RB19 is undeniably the fastest car on the grid currently. Even their rival team’s driver, George Russell, expects them to win all 24 races in the 2023 F1 Calendar. If Verstappen wins this season as well, then he would make a hat trick.

Christian Horner explains, “I’ve been here for a long time, and I know how quickly things can change depending on the load on the car and definitely the quality of the car.” He added that in 2014 there was a fundamental difference in the source of power. But in the cost cap era, it more depends on the chassis. That will tell which car will last long. It is too soon to tell now. To come to a judgment, the teams will need a few more tests and races.

Horner Believes The Cost Cap Era Makes All The Difference

Christian Horner Max Verstappen
Christian Horner Max Verstappen Red Bull

Chief Christian Horner suspects that the whole field may come together in a matter of a few weeks. After three years of dominance, how far Horner thinks this streak will stretch? Can Red Bull match or surpass the streak of the Silver Arrows? He believes that would be difficult to do because there are a lot of good teams coming with really fast cars like Aston Martin.

These cars, according to the Red Bull boss, can possess a threat to their title streak. Several experts all over the world believe Red Bull’s dominance will go on for many more years. On the contrary, Red Bull boss Christian Horner feels the big problem is the new cost cap era. According to him, 2014 was different as the turbo-hybrid era had no limitations set for teams to spend on their car. But in the cost cap era, every team can spend a limited budget. The teams are constantly upgrading their cars, and some cars may not perform as well as they did in the early phase throughout the 24 GPs.