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In the always-changing world of NBA trades, interesting stories often hide behind the scenes, waiting to be discovered. Here comes the story of the legendary three-point shooter, Stephen Curry, and a close move to the Boston Celtics. This story was recently shared by Bob Myers, the former mastermind behind the Golden State Warriors’ success. This fascinating revelation happened during a casual moment on ESPN’s Woj Podcast, shining a light on a crucial moment that could have changed NBA history.

Stephen Curry Almost Got Swapped to Boston

The news that Curry’s name once considered the possibility of joining the Celtics adds an interesting layer to the story of his successful career. The person who started this bold idea was Bob Myers’ mentor, the experienced Danny Ainge, who, as the Celtics’ general manager back then, dreamt of having the famous three-point shooter on his team. However, in a quick and firm move, Myers laughed away the idea, confirming his commitment to keeping Stephen Curry as the key player of the Golden State Warriors.

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Talking about this surprising trade idea, Myers said, “My job as a GM involves exploring different trade scenarios, but Ainge was the persistent one, always asking about Stephen Curry. I owe much of my career to Ainge, so I couldn’t be upset. ‘Return the favor, give me Curry,’ he joked. It was a moment that wasn’t meant to be serious; it was simply a good-natured laugh echoing through the NBA dealings.”

Ainge’s Legacy and Mentorship

Danny Ainge’s legacy as someone behind significant trades, including getting Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in 2007, is well-known. Yet, his impact went beyond the negotiating table. Ainge, being both a mentor and a supporter, not only suggested Myers to Warriors’ owner Joe Lacob but also started a journey that led to Myers winning NBA Executive of the Year twice.

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The mentor-protege relationship formed in the Celtics’ front office left a lasting mark on both Ainge’s and Myers’ careers. Ainge’s ability to make game-changing trades paved the way for Myers to succeed in the complexities of NBA management. Even after their professional paths went different ways, the friendship continued, showing the lasting influence mentors can have on their protégés.

Unveiling Trade Requests and Wild Stories

Beyond the Stephen Curry-Celtics revelation, Myers shared more stories from his time as the Warriors’ general manager. Requests to trade Curry, a player closely tied to the Warriors’ success, weren’t rare but instead showed how much other teams admired the superstar. These behind-the-scenes stories give fans a rare peek into the drama and negotiations that shape the intense world of professional basketball.

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During a recent episode of the “Woj Podcast,” Myers talked about the wild and sometimes funny trade proposals he dealt with during his time with the Warriors. These stories, including Ainge’s playful attempt to get Stephen Curry, add to the vibrant history of the NBA, showing the human side of the front-office dealings.

As the NBA’s story unfolds each season, stories like these remind us of the complex negotiations, relationships, and lighthearted moments that define the league. The sound of Bob Myers’ laughter echoes through the history of the NBA, immortalizing the day when Stephen Curry’s destiny almost took an unexpected turn to the east. Ultimately, a determined general manager’s commitment to his iconic player and a mentor’s playful banter made sure that the golden era of Curry’s career stayed firmly rooted in the Golden State Warriors’ legacy.