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Blue Jays Pitcher Accuses Yankees Captain Aaron Judge Of Lying On The Recent Cheating Controversy

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, faced severe cheating accusations from the Toronto Blue Jays camp a few weeks ago. During the series opener, Judge was caught glancing at his dugout. The Blue Jays termed it a way of cheating by stealing signs from the third base coach as the opposition pitchers were tipping the pitches.

However, the Yankees captain claimed innocence and clarified that he was not looking at the third base coach. The slugger acknowledged peaking at the dugout to catch the players chirping at the plate umpire, which allegedly ruined his concentration on the plate. However, the Blue Jays just do not seem to let the issue slide. Recently, Toronto pitcher accused Aaron Judge of lying and cooking up a whole story to avoid facing criticism.


Blue Jays Pitcher Claims Aaron Judge Made Up A Story As He Indeed Was Stealing Signs From Third Base Coach

Aaron Judge

Toronto Blue Jays’ smear campaign against the New York Yankees captain, Aaron Judge, does not seem to end any time soon. They tainted his image by leveling false accusations of cheating without providing any substantial proof. Now as the captain is trying to move on from the whole fiasco, a Blue Jays pitcher has again hit out at the slugger, and this time, he accused Judge of lying. Chris Bassitt spoke with Chris Rose as they discussed the whole controversy. Bassitt claimed that everybody knew what was happening. The Blue Jays pitcher were tipping pitches which the Yankees’ third base coach caught the wind of.

Hence, the coach gave signals to Aaron Judge to alert him of the pitches coming his way. Hence, in a way, the Blue Jays pitcher indirectly accused Aaron Judge of stealing signs. However, the pitcher clarified that seeking help from a base coach is completely legal, and Judge was right on his end if he did seek any assistance. Further, Bassitt went on to say that the slugger’s response to the whole fiasco was a lie. However, that, too, is understandable as a no-hitter in their right mind would publicly accept stealing signs even if it’s legal, as it taints the person’s image. Lastly, the pitcher said that Aaron made up the “glancing at the dugout” story to avoid receiving any criticism.

What Was Judge’s Response Which Made Chris Bassitt Believe That It Was A Made-Up Story?

Aaron Judge
The Yankees star covered his eyes after a hit – in an apparent reference to recent allegations of cheatingCredit: Getty Images – Getty

Blue Jays pitcher Chris Bassitt has accused Aaron Judge of lying about the whole cheating controversy that occurred during the series opener between the Toronto Blue Jays and New York Yankees. After being accused of cheating, Judge faced the media and issued an explanation that Bassitt believed was a made-up story. As per the Yankees slugger, when the plate umpire ejected manager Aaron Boone for arguing, the Yankee players in the dugout remained displeased.

Hence, to get back at the umpire, they started chirping, which ruined the slugger’s concentration on the field. Hence, Aaron Judge claimed to glance at the dugout to catch the players in the act so that he could have a confrontation after the game. That was it. He did not look at the third base coach to seek any help over the upcoming pitches. Regardless, the Blue Jays have refused to buy even a single word that spitted out of the Yankees captain’s mouth. Ultimately, everything happened in front of the cameras, and it was for the fans to decide if Judge was involved in any unsporting act.