LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title
LeBron James Lakers 2020 NBA Title Source: Complex

LeBron James captained the Los Angeles Lakers to win the 2020 Bubble Championship. He joined the LA side in 2018. However, James was an instant success with the Lakers in his first season. But when Anthony Davis joined the franchise, things changed for the better. The team looked stronger than ever. Later, in the 2019-20 season, the James-Davis duo was instrumental in winning the championship in Orlando. It was a confusing period because of the pandemic.

The teams could not travel as much as they usually did during the seasons. Moreover, the whole thing turned into a bubble tournament. However, there are many fans on social media who like to discredit the Laker’s 2020 title because they won it in the bubble. These fans say the bubble championship should not count because other teams and players were not in sound health and mind. But Damian Lillard of the Portland Trailblazers strongly suggests against this claim of the fans.


Trail Blazers Superstar Defends The 2020 Title For The LA Side

Damian Lillard Trail Blazers Vs Lakers
Damian Lillard Trail Blazers vs. Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Lillard believes everybody was fresh back in the bubble physically. He agrees that it could have been tougher mentally for sure for every player. Moreover, it sure was hard for players to adjust to that situation. However, Damian Lillard believes everybody had the same opportunity to win the 2020 title. Hence, the fans should ask why the other teams couldn’t win.

Moreover, Damian Lillard was in a great touch during the bubble championship. While the Trail Blazers were closing the regular season in eight games, Lillard averaged 37.6 points per contest, along with 4.3 rpg and 9.6 apg. Later, in the play-in round, Damian Lillard scored 31 points along with ten assists to blow the Memphis Grizzlies away. Then, in the first round, the Blazers met the Lakers. Later, in five games, Lillard’s team was out of the competition.                

Lakers Won The 2020 Championship For Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant LeBron James
Kobe Bryant LeBron James Source: Sky Sports

Albeit, initially, the NBA had to suspend the season after the outbreak of the coronavirus, resulting in a pandemic. Hence, at one point, there was no guarantee that the season would resume for good in the pandemic. Later, Adam Silver and co. announced it would resume from Orlando’s Wide World Of Sports under Disney. Moreover, the Lakers were pushing for the season to resume because they knew they had a great chance to win it. The main reason for the Lakers to be so eager for the season to start was their desire to win it for Kobe Bryant.

Moreover, the Lakers legend passed away in a terrible helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, with his daughter Gianna and seven more. Former Lakers star Markeiff Morris mentioned in a podcast interview with All The Smoke that the whole team wanted to get the title for Kobe Bryant. The determination of the whole team was quite apparent, as the Lakers were a pretty dominant side in the postseason. They won every round up till the conference finals in five games. Later, they blew the Miami Heat within six matches in the NBA Finals to win the 2020 championship.