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Austin Reaves Impresses LeBron James & Lakers Fans With His Great Start For Team USA

Austin Reaves has been very impressive in the last season of the NBA. The Los Angeles Lakers might have a terrible outing in the Western Conference Finals, but Austin was consistent all the way. Moreover, he shocked the NBA world in his second season with his tremendous basketball IQ. Also, he became the LA team’s third most essential player.

He was even a free agent for a while, but the Laker’s front office was firm enough to retain him with a pretty good deal. After retaining the Oklahoma Sooners kid, many experts believe the Lakers increased their chances of winning the title next year. Clearly, any team would be lucky to have an exciting talent like AR. Currently, the Hillbilly Kobe is preparing to help Team USA win the FIBA World Cup. Recently, in an exhibition match against Puerto Rico, Austin Reaves was on fire.


LeBron James Heaped Praise On AR After The Exhibition Match

Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers
Austin Reaves LeBron James Lakers Source: The Rookie Wire – USA Today

He played only for eight minutes, but in those few minutes, he impressed the whole NBA world. He came in the first quarter as a substitute, then shot a three-pointer. But it was just the beginning. Moreover, he ended on a team-high nine points in the first half shooting four of six. Austin Reaves helped the Americans maintain a lead after the first half. Team USA was leading 50-43 against the Puerto Ricans at halftime. The Hillbilly Kobe impressed a lot of Lakers fans. But none more than the one and only LeBron James.

The King gave a special shoutout on Twitter after what he saw Austin Reaves do in that game against Puerto Rico. LeBron James wrote on Twitter, “You are so cold, man, AR.” The broadcasters of the FOX channel told Austin Reaves about the tweet from LeBron James. In reply, the Hillbilly Kobe mentioned, “It feels good to get validation from him. I’ve learned a lot from him in the past couple of years.” Clearly, the Lakers Nation is keen for the next season to begin. They would want to see James and Reaves together, helping the Lakers to win their 18th title.

Team USA Is Lucky To Have A Talent Like Austin Reaves For The World Cup

Austin Reaves Team USA Vs Puerto Rico
Austin Reaves Team USA Vs Puerto Rico Source: Yahoo Sports

Before he finally got his chance to wear the Team USA Jersey, there was a rumor that he would represent Team Germany. After all, AR’s grandmother is German. These rumors were floating around during the playoff stages of the NBA last season. Initially, Austin Reaves said it would be exciting to play for the German team. Anyhow, things settled down finally as Reaves decided to represent Team USA.

Steve Kerr is the head coach of the NBA team Golden States Warriors, will be the head coach of Team USA as well in the upcoming FIBA World Cup. He is happy to see AR on his team after what he did against the Warriors in Round 2 of the last season. The Warrior’s coach knows exactly what AR is capable of doing. After choosing AR for the USA team, Kerr mentioned that the youngster is a player who impacts winning at a very high level.