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Austin Reaves Claims LeBron James As The GOAT; Appreciates Him Coming To Work Happy Everyday

If LeBron James Is The King, Then Austin Reaves is the new emerging King of the Los Angeles Lakers. Austin Reaves impressed everybody with his stunning rise to the top in his second NBA season. Very few players display the level of improvement that the Oklahoma Sooners kid did last season. He rose to the top star level of the Lakers team. But almost every teammate, be it of the past or present, of King James states that it is a delight to have him in the locker room.

Recently, in an interview with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes of All The Smoke podcast, Austin Reaves mentioned that he acts like an 18-year-old kid. The Hillbilly Kobe added that James is always joking, laughing, and is always in a good mood. That’s the best thing about him. He is very personable. Anybody can talk to him about anything. Austin Reaves loves the fact that King James comes to work happy every day. Clearly, King James and Hillbilly Kobe have a great rapport. But the young Laker had more things to say about James.


AR Believes The King Is The GOAT And Also Deserves A Statue

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: SBNATION

Later in an interview with Sports Illustrated, Austin Reaves mentioned that he opines LeBron James is the greatest player to ever play the game. Moreover, Austin Reaves believes King James deserve a statue in Los Angeles after he retires. The Hillbilly Kobe noted that LeBron James came to LA at a time when they were not having much success. Later, he led the side to their 17th title in 2019-20. Moreover, he will definitely get a Hall of Fame induction after what he has accomplished in his long and illustrious career.

Austin Reaves says, “The best player is who tops at scoring, rebounds, and blah, blah, blah. Bron can compete in all these categories. Then sure, he deserves a statue.” Moreover, LeBron James has suffered a lot more injuries in the last five years than he did in his previous 15 NBA seasons. The King is 38 and at the twilight of his career. But the fans hope to see him for a few more years. For at least another three years, the fans can see the King represent the Lakers if the contract extension of Anthony Davis makes any difference. Moreover, at the last ESPY Awards, LeBron James mentioned that he believes he has a lot more to give to the game of basketball.

Lakers Need Austin Reaves To Stay Consistent And The James-Davis Duo To Stay Healthy

LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers
LeBron James Austin Reaves Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

After LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Reaves has become the most crucial player for the Purple and Gold. Moreover, the front office looks at him as the future of the side. Perhaps in the post-James and even post-Davis era, the Lakers can see Reaves take the responsibility of the new leader. Moreover, the Oklahoma Sooners kid showed immense consistency last year.

The Lakers Nation would hope he plays like this for a long time. However, to win the title next year, the Lakers will need the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis healthy. It is because everybody knows what this duo can do if they stay healthy. However, Anthony Davis has always been a bit injury-prone. Moreover, LeBron James who has been like a big freak of nature all his long career also needs to stay healthy at 38-39 years.