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The New York Yankees had a tough season this year. It was hard to digest the fact that they could not make the postseason. The Bronx Bombers finished with an 82-80 record. It was a heartbreak for the fans and the organization. Hence, the owner, Hal Steinbrenner, mentioned they would make significant changes this offseason in the personnel and some others as well. Echoing the owner, captain Aaron Judge said they aim to reach the “Big Dance.” Lately, they have close eyes on international free agents like Yoshinobu Yamamoto and Jung Lee Hoo.

Moreover, the Japanese pitcher can really improve the NY side’s pitching department. But Yamamoto can be an expensive deal to sign. And why not? He is young and performed really well in the last few seasons in the Japanese league. But it seems like the Japanese pitcher can cost the NY side a little more than just big bucks. Perhaps the Yankees can trade Gleyber Torres this offseason.


Despite Impressive 2023 Season, Yankees Are Willing To Trade A Star

Gleyber Torres Yankees
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Gleyber Torres has been one of the best offensive stars of the New York Yankees. But it seems like he played his last game for the franchise last season. As per Mark Feinsand of, the Yankees can trade Torres this offseason. Feinsand mentioned the Bronx Bombers don’t have enough options for trading from their 26-member roster. Prior to free agency, the salary of Torres for his final year will increase to around $14 million. Hence, he is the most attractive chip for the Yankees to trade this offseason. Moreover, Torres hit .800 OPS and 25 homers in 2023. The Bronx Bombers have locked Anthony Volpe as the shortstop.

Hence, they can give Oswald Peraza a chance to play at second base along with DJ LeMahieu. As a fallback option, LeMahieu signed through 2026 with the NY side. Mark Feinsand compiled a trade candidate list for several MLB teams. According to him, Torres should be the candidate for the NY franchise. On numerous occasions, even before this list, Torres was part of trade rumors. Hence, it is not that surprising. However, it won’t be easy for the Yankees to trade Torres suddenly. They need a proper replacement for Torres. Otherwise, it can hurt their offense real bad. 

What Can The Bronx Do To Bolster Their Offense?

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It has been a long time since the NY side made it to the World Series. However, they have been the most successful side in the league’s history. But it was 2009 when the last time the Yankees won a World Series. Since then, they never made it to the “Big Dance.” For a long time, the Yankees have been disappointing the fans.

In the last few seasons, the Bronx Bombers suffered because of their lack of balance and depth in the roster. They performed more or less well defensively. But the main problem lies in the offense of the 27-time champions. In 2023, Aaron Boone’s side had the second-worst batting average in the league. They were only better than the Oakland Athletics. Hence, the Yankees need to improve their offense.