Anthony Volpe
Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

Anthony Volpe, the new young shortstop of the New York Yankees, is having a hard time in the majors. He was selected for the opening day roster with minimal experience simply because of his commitment and hunger for the sport. However, his offensive slump has kept him in the news for the longest time, as he garnered criticism from all around the league.

Now, the Yankees’ rookie has reached a point where his growth has become stagnant. His at-bats have not improved, and a few defensive lapses here and there has again put him in the spot. With competition building up, how long the rookie can keep his place on the active roster is a question that remains to be answered. Moreover, the Yankee’s recent move has further fueled the speculations.


Yankees Bench Anthony Volpe Twice In Three Days

Anthony Volpe
Yankees shortstop Anthony Volpe. Getty Images

Since his debut on the opening day of the 2023 MLB season, Yankees rookie, Anthony Volpe, has never missed a game. His athleticism and youth power allow the team to field him every day without worrying about his workload. However, the recent slump has taken a toll on his mental health. Volpe is praised for his mental toughness. However, it’s important to remember that he is still a rookie who is playing his first major league season, stashed under a burden of expectations. Hence, even a player like Volpe could break under pressure. Hence, eyeing his situation, the Yankees made a decision.

The New York Yankees benched Anthony Volpe for the second time last week. After missing out Thursday’s doubleheader, Volpe missed Sunday’s matchup against the Red Sox. This was the first time the rookie missed two games in a short span. However, the manager, Aaron Boone, refuted any rumors of the possibility of a demotion to a minor league. He clarified that bench coach Carlos Mendoza saw the shortstop grinding really hard for the last couple of weeks. He insisted Boone give an off day to the 22-year-old to help him reset his routine. The kid is being too hard on himself and needs to relax on the sidelines. Hence, the Yankees opted for this strategy with the hope that it would work in favor of the rookie.

Yankees Committed To Volpe Despite Concerning Slump

Aaron Boone says Anthony Volpe is the “real deal on the basepaths.” Robert Sabo for NY Post

Anthony Volpe is enduring the toughest phase of his short major league career at the moment. The offensive production has ceased to exist, and the competition is growing in the minor league in the form of Oswald Peraza. However, the manager, Aaron Boone, has backed the rookie wholeheartedly. He said Volpe is not experienced enough to deal with these setbacks in a lot of ways. Yet, the team is trying its best to support him to the best of its ability and to ensure that failure does not get the better of him.

Boone further refuted demotion rumors saying when the Yankees handed him the shortstop job in the spring, it was, by default, a long-term commitment. They anticipated Anthony Volpe to face such hardships at some point in the season. Hence, the team is well prepared to help the kid. For the foreseeable future, Volpe will remain in the Yankees clubhouse, irrespective of his form on the plate.