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Anthony Rizzo Return Date Out After Neck Injury, Yankees Fans Seek Clarity From Yankees

Anthony Rizzo, the New York Yankees’ first baseman, has been the backbone of the Yankee’s offensive lineup during the absence of the captain Aaron Judge. When Judge entered on a 10-day IL stint, the responsibility to lead the team’s offensive lineup fell on Rizzo’s shoulder. He is known to be Judge’s deputy in the clubhouse in terms of leadership. Hence, Rizzo became the unofficial captain of the team for the first 10 days in May.

With all those experiences, Anthony Rizzo rose on occasion and single-handedly carried the weight of the Yankee’s offense on his shoulders. As of this writing, the baseman is hitting .304 with 11 home runs and 32 RBIs. Moreover, until the weekend, he was the only Yankee to have played the most games in the ongoing season, which accumulates to 53. However, a recent injury scare has put the baseman on the sidelines, and rumors over his accurate health status have started doing rounds.


Anthony Rizzo Miss Two Games After Suffering Neck Injury, Could Return Around Weekend

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Injuries have refused to leave New York Yankees’ back. With many players already on the IL, another key hitter could join them in the near future. First baseman Anthony Rizzo suffered from a neck injury during the rubber game against the Padres. While guarding the first base, Rizzo collided with Tatis Jr, and his head banged on Tatis’ thigh. Rizzo stumbled a few steps before eventually taking a knee. The team did not intend to take any risk and ejected him from that particular game. Further, the Yankees snubbed the baseman from Monday’s game against the Seattle Mariners, stating the injury was minor and Rizzo just needed some rest.

However, fans and analysts started asking pressing questions when Anthony Rizzo’s name was nowhere to be found on the Yankees lineup for the second game against the Mariners. Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, came out to address the rumors and assured that Rizzo feels fine. He could either return on Wednesday or on Friday for the series opener against the Dodgers. Boone said that since Thursday remains an off day, the team is considering giving Rizzo an additional day of rest. Still, if Anthony Rizzo feels fine and wants to play on Wednesday, the skipper won’t stand in the baseman’s way.

Rizzo Brushes Off Major Concerns On Recent Neck Injury

Anthony Rizzo
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Yankees first baseman Anthony Rizzo is suffering from neck stiffness after an unfortunate collision with Padres hitter Tatis Jr. Moreover, suspicion grew as the baseman missed two games in a row despite the injury being termed as minor. However, Rizzo came forward to squash any kind of rumors and said he was feeling fine and that he was lucky as the injury could have been a lot worse. He is relieved that he escaped the concussion.

Further explaining the incident, Anthony Rizzo said he did not expect Tatis Jr to come down running. He says during such close plays, hitters prefer to slide. Hence, the baseman was startled by Tatis’ tactics which led to the collision. Nonetheless, Rizzo remains grateful that he escaped any major concern and vowed a strong return as soon as this week.