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Anthony Davis Sure Of Lakers’ Playoffs Chances After Reaching .500 For The First Time This Year

The Los Angeles Lakers had a rough season filled with injuries and whatnot. The team could not find the right balance for a long time. But after the February trade deadline, they found the right mix to move forward. They got rid of Westbrook and got some quality players in exchange to fill the gaps in the roster. But then again, LeBron James’ tendon injury kind of slowed things down for the Lakers. However, Anthony Davis and D’Angelo Russell returned from their injuries to save the purple and gold brigade. Since then, the Lakers have looked like a rock-solid group. In the early phase of the current edition of the NBA, the LA side was lingering at the bottom of the table.

But now the team is gradually rising up and is currently the 8th seed of the Western Conference. The Lakers are now enjoying a three-game winning streak. They need to hold on to it for another eight games of the regular season. Albeit, there is no certainty as to when LeBron James will return. However, AD looks confident enough as he is happy that they have managed to get a .500 record they have been looking for a long time. After beating the Oklahoma City Thunder last night, the Los Angeles Lakers are finally now at 37-37.


Anthony Davis Feels Lakers Are The Potential “Title Contenders”

Lakers ace Anthony Davis is more than confident about his squad. He feels that they can win it all. Recently, AD spoke to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, where he mentioned, “the kind of team we’ve got can be a threat to anybody. We are title contenders.” Davis further reckoned that, according to him, the Lakers have a good chance of winning the whole thing with the team they have become. He believes that if this group sticks together in the coming years, it will achieve a lot.

For a long time, Anthony Davis has been saying that the team needs a winning streak. But the Lakers were unable to maintain one because of lingering worries. But now, they have won three games in a row. That is the reason why AD needs to stay fit and play the way he has been playing in the last few games. If this streak can be stretched a little bit more, then the Lakers can see themselves in the top six of the Western Conference at the end of the regular season. Then they won’t have to go through the play-in tournament.

Upcoming Challenges For AD And The Team

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Now in the next game, the Lakers will face the challenge of the Bulls in a home game. And later, they will visit Chicago, where the Bulls will host the LA side after the next game. Hence a back-to-back Chicago Bulls challenge awaits the LA franchise. Clearly, they will have to make the most of it. As per the stats, the Los Angeles side have a better result at home (21-17) in the current season. The Bulls are currently the 10th seed in the Eastern Conference.

If Anthony Davis keeps up the golden touch, then he will significantly benefit the Lakers, but also he will inch closer to another scoring record. AD is currently the 128th top scorer in the league. The next scorer who he will need to pass is Antoine Walker, with 15,647 points. If he can have another 30+ points match, then AD will easily pass Walker.