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The Los Angeles Lakers are on fire in the in-season tournament, scoring victories against the Phoenix Suns and the Memphis Grizzlies. But there’s a twist to their success beyond the court. Star player Anthony Davis recently shared a motivating secret that’s propelling the team forward. It’s not just about winning games; there’s an extra incentive driving them. In the midst of this, emerging talent Jaxson Hayes is making waves with his stellar performance. Let’s dive into the Lakers’ recent triumphs, Anthony Davis’s revelation, and how players like Hayes are adding a new spark to the team’s journey.

Lakers’ Star Anthony Davis Driven by Prize Money

After their impressive win against the Memphis Grizzlies, the Lakers’ leader, Anthony Davis, looked beyond the surface. He revealed a strong motivation that propels the team’s continuous pursuit of success in the in-season tournament. It’s not just about adding more wins to their record. It’s about the significant financial reward awaiting each player on the championship team—a tempting $500,000 per player. This revelation adds an extra layer of intensity and purpose to the Lakers’ campaign. Even a player like Davis, who earns a lot already, expresses a desire for more.

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Meanwhile, Davis, the key player for the Lakers, is displaying remarkable versatility this season. He averages 23.4 points, 11.9 rebounds, 3.8 assists, 0.7 steals, and an impressive 3.3 blocks per game. His dominance extends to the defensive end, leading the league in both blocks per game and total blocks. Moreover, as the Lakers gear up for the final two group-stage games against the Portland Trail Blazers and the Utah Jazz, Davis’s revelation offers a unique insight. It sheds light on the team’s collective mindset and their aspirations for success in the in-season tournament.

Jaxson Hayes Emerges As A Key Player

Beyond the star power of Davis and LeBron James, rising talent is gaining attention in the Lakers’ lineup. After the victory over the Grizzlies, Davis praised the impactful contributions of Jaxson Hayes, highlighting his crucial role in the team’s recent success. Since Davis joined the Lakers in 2019, the organization has continually sought the perfect complement to his playing style. Also, this season’s additions of Christian Wood and Jaxson Hayes seem to be hitting the mark. Wood’s ability to stretch the floor with 36% shooting accuracy from beyond the arc has proven valuable in the Lakers’ offensive strategy. However, it is Hayes who has truly caught Davis’s attention.

Jaxson Hayes NBA 16 2023
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Furthermore, Hayes, with an impressive 60% shooting accuracy from the field, has emerged as a defensive stalwart. He is averaging 1.3 blocks and one steal per game. Davis commended Hayes’s athleticism, acknowledging his prowess in altering and blocking shots. He also praised Hayes for running the floor with unparalleled speed and executing highlight-reel plays, such as a crucial lob against the Grizzlies. Davis’s endorsement suggests that Hayes has not only met but exceeded expectations, bringing a youthful vigor to the Lakers’ roster. As the Lakers build momentum in the in-season tournament, the formidable duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James continues to be a catalyst for success. Beyond the tournament, the Lakers’ prospects for the season and their pursuit of additional championships are generating heightened anticipation.