Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Los Angeles Times

Anthony Davis has been the backbone of the Los Angeles Lakers and helped the team in its resurgence this season. The team apparently had a terrible start this season. They lost ten out of their first twelve games. Furthermore, till mid-February, the Lakers were the 13th seed of the Western Conference. Getting to the playoff semis from that situation took a miracle for the LA side. Evidently, it was the February trades that helped a lot. Moreover, the team found the much-needed balance that helped them proceed further.

But injuries have been a major concern for the Lakers throughout this season. Furthermore, in late February, the Lakers suffered a big blow. Their main star, LeBron James, sustained a tendon injury on his right foot. It caused a month’s absence in the lineup for him. The Lakers were in deep trouble when Anthony Davis took the responsibility to turn things around. Since then, he has been a complete package for the team. However, against the Warriors in Game 1 of the second round of the playoff, Anthony Davis made a hilarious mistake.


Anthony Davis Got A Hilarious Rebound In The Lakers’ Basket

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Sporting News

The Warriors have been a power to reckon with after the heroics of Steph Curry in Game 7 against the Kings. It was important for the Lakers to stop the force of Curry. However, they have got Anthony Davis, who has been one of the best defensive players this season. He was at his best against the Warriors in Game 1, helping the Lakers get a major victory. However, there was a hilarious moment in the game when Anthony Davis accidentally scored in the Lakers’ basket. He has become an expert in getting rebounds this season. The Brow was in that same touch against the Warriors as well. Meanwhile, Steph Curry made an effort for a three-pointer but missed it. Kevon Looney was around to get the rebound.

But it did not matter as AD got the rebound for Looney. As per the rules, when the opposition players make a mistake like Anthony Davis did, the points go to the nearby player. Looney was awarded the rebound as he and AD had a laugh later. It was really funny to see the man leading the Lakers so well while making that mistake. The Lakers were leading 73-71 at that point. And in no time, AD leveled it out for the Warriors. As a result, the Lakers managed to clinch a victory in the first game. Anthony Davis scored 30 points, 20 rebounds, two blocks as well as four assists. It was a close game, indeed. Now, they will meet again on May 4 for Game 2 on the same court as in Game 1. 

AD Has Been Superb At The Lakers’ Defense As Well As In Offense

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Lakers Source: SFGATE

Anthony Davis is great at offense and the main anchor in defense. For him, it is essential to contribute in both offense and defense equally. He has been doing that very well this season. Hence, AD is the reason why the Lakers made it to the playoffs.

It was crucial for the Lakers to have Davis in good shape during the series against the Golden State in the second round of the playoff. Since fitness has been a real issue for AD in his whole career, the team’s fate laid in limbo until the Brow returned with a bang.