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Another Major Blow For The Yankees After Luis Severino Sustains A Severe Injury

The New York Yankees are just not able to catch a break this season. They did not have much great luck this season with their player’s fitness. Most of the key players missed several games with injuries and did not help the Bronx Bombers enjoy a significant win percentage this season. A few weeks ago, the NY side was going through a losing streak in terms of games and series. But they managed to get past that streak recently. However, the Bronx Bombers lately lost yet another three-game series to the Milwaukee Brewers.

After losing the first two games against the Milwaukee side, as the Brewers won in a dominating style, the Yankees won the last game of the series 4-3. Moreover, the NY side will have a four-game series against the arch-rivals Boston Red Sox next. But the Yankees will dearly miss the services of their valuable pitcher Luis Severino. Lately, Severino sustained a left oblique strain. But he didn’t realize initially that this injury would eventually be season-ending.


Yankees Will Miss Strong Right-Handed Pitcher For The Rest Of The Season

Yankees Luis Severino
Yankees Luis Severino Source: NBC Sports

On Friday, during the game against the Brewers, an MRI showed the Yankees pitcher sustained a high-grade strain. As a result, Luis Severino left the game in the fifth inning. Later, in an interview, Severino said he is not currently thinking about the next Yankees game. Instead, he wants to get better as soon as possible. Anyway, Luis Severino is an impending free agent. On Sunday, the Yankees pitcher mentioned that he is more or less happy as the injury won’t keep him out of the game for a year or two. However, Luis Severino is not pleased with the way things have happened. On Friday, the Yankees pitcher felt severe pain during his 70th pitch of that night, saying, “A deep sharp pain making me feel like somebody shot me.”

Luis Severino believes he gave everything he has got. Hence, he is not thinking about if he could have had his final pitch on Sunday. But Severino just wants to recover as fast as possible. On the other hand, the Yankees manager Aaron Boone mentioned after the MRI on Saturday they knew it was over for Severino this season. But Aaron Boone feels the strong right-handed pitcher should recover in time to train in the offseason as usual. Luis Severino mentioned he was still experiencing sharp pain after certain movements. However, Severino said he had a tough year mentally and physically, and all he wanted was to help his team and be healthy. Initially, he missed almost two months of game time with a right lat strain this season. Later, he struggled with a 6.65 ERA and a 4-8 record.

Aaron Judge On Luis Severino’s Situation

Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge
Yankees Luis Severino Aaron Judge Source: CBS Sports

Moreover, it might be the end of Severino’s road with the Yankees as they might not retain him in free agency. It is hard to register even for the Yankees captain Aaron Judge, as he got emotional after an interviewer asked about Severino’s situation. Judge mentioned he knows how good Severino is as a competitor.

After all, they have been playing together for a long time. Moreover, Aaron Judge fears that it might have been the last time Luis Severino threw at the Yankees stadium. Adding to that, he mentioned he still does not know if he has the words for it just yet. Clearly, Judge was getting very emotional, almost tearing up.