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ANALYSIS: What If Anthony Davis Comes Off The Bench From Next Season Onwards For Lakers?

Centre forward Anthony Davis has been the Los Angeles Lakers’ best performer since he joined the franchise back in 2019. He led the team to a championship in 2020 and Conference finals in 2023 whilst battling through injuries. The 6-foot-10 is a highly skilled athlete who possesses the ability to take charge from both ends of the court.

His all-round performance last season was a perfect testament to his hidden talents. Despite injury scares, Anthony Davis emerged as the top scorer of the Lakers and played a huge role in the late playoff push. As a result, AD was rewarded handsomely for his resilience during the off-season. However, a recent rumor has suggested that Davis could be benched in the upcoming season.


Rumors Suggest Darvin Ham Wants Anthony Davis To Come Off The Bench Next Season!

Credit: ESPN

Anthony Davis was rewarded for his salient efforts and resilience during this off-season. As the Lakers shifted focus towards a post-LeBron James era, their quest for a new leader ended with Davis. Subsequently, the center was handed a league-high three-year, $177 million extension contract. However, the rumor market remains filled with bizarre speculation with regard to AD’s role in the upcoming season. A social media handle named @TheNBACentel has claimed that coach Dravin Ham wants Davis to come off the bench next season. The idea behind it is to manage his workload and keep him immune from unwanted injuries. But, at a time when LA wants to shape AD as the future leader of the team, benching him does not make sense at all.

However, it seems the rumor is factually incorrect. @TheNBACentel is a parody account of popular @TheDunkCentral. Hence, it is likely that such a statement was never made from Darvin Ham’s side. Having said that, if Anthony Davis were to come off the bench next season, the Lakers would have enough depth. They signed young Jaxson Haynes as a backup during free agency. Moreover, Rob Pelinka most recently locked in veteran center Christian Wood in a two-year veteran minimum contract. But at the same time, AD’s all-around skills are unmatchable. There exists none in the roster who possesses the capability of handling both ends of the court as well as Davis. Hence, for LA to have a successful campaign in the 2023-24 season, the Lakers will need to start with AD.

Lakers Locks Christian Wood In Veteran Minimum Contract!

Christian Wood
Credit: NBA Analysis

After months of negotiations and contemplation, the Lakers and Christian Wood have finally reached an agreement weeks before the scheduled training camp. Wood, the best available center option in the free agent market, failed to attract a buyer. On the other hand, LA’s hands remained tied as they could only offer a veteran minimum contract, and Wood thought he deserved better.

However, Christian Wood has decided to join the Lakers after all. The deal was made officially on Wednesday. The center has apparently signed a two-year $5.7 million contract, with a player option in the second year. Wood is likely to come off the bench behind Anthony Davis for the upcoming NBA season.