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After Referring Lewis Hamilton As Jealous, Max Verstappen Takes New “Netflix” Jibe To Hit Back At The Former

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are the great rivals of the modern era in Formula One. Their rivalry has brought back the popularity of the sport to a whole other level. But Hamilton has been winless since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. On the other hand, Max Verstappen won 37 races in the last two and a half years. Nobody in history has seen a driver dominate the sport in this fashion.

Later, the Mercedes duo of Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton remarked in a dismissive attitude towards Max’s accomplishments. Hamilton mentioned that Max has not faced tougher teammates than the seven-time champion. Toto Wolff said these achievements are only good for Wikipedia. Recently, in an interview with some Dutch media outlets, Max Verstappen replied to the dismissive reactions of the Mercedes duo.


Max Verstappen Gives Savage Reply To The Mercedes Duo

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen Source: PlanetF1

In a savage reply, Max mentioned ironically enough after Hamilton’s comment in Monza, the Briton was behind many of Max’s teammates in the qualifying sessions. Most importantly, Verstappen said it was not nice of Hamilton towards his teammates to say something like that. Moreover, the Dutchman noted that he is more focused on his own performance and has no time to focus on other drivers. Adding to that, Max Verstappen mentioned that F1 needs a driver to show his excellent skills and seamless collaboration with respective team. Other things are secondary in the sport. But back to the Mercedes comments, Max Verstappen mentioned, “I sense some jealousy on their part. Perhaps it is good for Netflix.”

It makes sense because there’s a criticism on the Netflix show. Some say this show likes to create and show drama. Most importantly, Max mentioned it just does not matter to him. Moreover, replying to Toto Wolff’s “Wikipedia” comments, the current double-time champion replied he does not lose his sleep on such petty teasing because he doesn’t think it is part of the sport anyway. Additionally, Max Verstappen mentioned that Red Bull never tried to provoke Mercedes like that in their dominant era. It proves that everyone is different. But, most importantly, there is no point losing one’s precious sleep over such things.

The Epic Legacy Of The 2021 Season

Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
Lewis Hamilton Max Verstappen 2021 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Source: ESPN

Since 2021, Formula One has gained immense popularity in the rest of the world, especially in the USA. In the USA, they always had more fans of NASCAR and other racing tournaments. But the 2021 season inspired Netflix to make a documentary series on the sport. Moreover, the Netflix show Drive To Survive helped the F1 tournament get a global fan following. Indeed, what happened in the 2021 season has a lasting impact on the sport. It was the season when Lewis Hamilton was on his way to win his eighth driver’s title.

But Red Bull brought reinforcements in their car and gave a tough fight to Mercedes for the constructor title. However, the German side still won the 2021 title. Then, it fell down to the last race in Abu Dhabi to determine if Hamilton would become the first driver to win eight titles. However, Max Verstappen broke his heart and all of Hamilton’s fan’s hearts as he became the new World Champion. Since then, there has been the domination of only one driver in the sport, and that’s the Dutchman.