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After Lakers Made Pretty Good Purchases, Should They Also Add Kevin Love To Their New Roster?

The front office of the Lakers has made pretty good adjustments in their squad. For a couple of seasons, including the current one, things were not going the Laker’s way. GM Rob Pelinka, along with the rest of the front office, had to figure out a way to get the team out of the dumpster. After the Thursday trade deadline, it can be said the management has done an excellent job with the buy-in and buyout. The team has traded stars like Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley. On the other hand, the Lakers bought promising talents like D’Angelo Russell, Mo Bamba, Rui Hachimura, Malik Besley, and so on. But now, another big name is coming up as a prime prospect for the Lakers.

Kevin Love Is An Exciting Prospect

When the season started, fans and media experts doubted if the Lakers were ready to win another championship. The Lakers were not a balanced side which is evident in their current predicament. The Lakers are 27-32, sitting at 13th seed in the table of the Western Conference. However, after the changes have been made, the Lakers look balanced. Will they make it to the playoffs? That will depend on how they will perform in the next matches. But it is fair to say Rob Pelinka has done an excellent job. Now the next big news that has come to light is that the Cleveland Cavaliers have parted ways with Kevin Love. 

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GM And Coach Will Decide On Love

Kevin Love has been part of the Cavaliers since 2014. He even won an NBA Championship with the Cleveland side. It is sad to see this long and illustrious partnership coming to an end. But the fact is, Love wanted to change teams before the playoff season began because he wanted more game time. Now many teams have expressed a desire to buy this 34-year-old power forward. The Lakers are one of them. It is more exciting since Love has been a former teammate of King James.

Will Kevin Fit In The Los Angeles Lakers?

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Kevin Love, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving

In fact, the Cleveland side that won the 2016 season of them played a vital role in the team’s victory. In hindsight, after the Lakers failed to buy Kyrie Irving, it was very disappointing, especially for LeBron James, since he lost the chance to reunite with his former 2016 championship teammate. Irving went to the Mavericks. But another 2016 Cavaliers teammate has presented the opportunity to reunite with the King. Only time will tell if the King will get heartbroken yet again.

However, the question remains will the 34-year-old power forward even prove to be beneficial among the current roster of the Lakers? Albeit, Kevin Love is not the same player he was back in 2016. But with his skill set, he is valuable for any team. The Lakers were suffering due to a lack of expert 3-point shooters. But after the Thursday trade deadline, they fixed that problem. But one more experienced and expert 3-point shooter should be pretty helpful for strengthening the bench. Kevin Love is known for his expertise in rebounds, passing, and shooting. However, it is safe to say that with less game time and age, it won’t be fair to expect his average to be sky-high. But having said that, he can still be a quality buy for the Lakers.