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After Austin’s Booing Incident, Sergio Perez Calls For Respect To Red Bull Teammate Max Verstappen Ahead Of Mexican GP!

The 2023 Formula One season bridged a new gap between Red Bull teammates Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. While the Dutchman went on to comfortably defend his championship title, Perez tanked to extend a 200-point gap to his teammate in the drivers’ championship standings. This has caused a divide between the fans of the drink-based outfit.

Many, including Sergio Perez’s father, believe that Checo has been a victim of favoritism within the Red Bull camp. The team has designed the car according to Verstappen’s liking, thus damaging Checo’s entire season. Moreover, Perez’s fans have been completely hostile towards Max, which led the Mexican driver to step in ahead of his home grand prix.


Sergio Perez Request Home Fans Back In Mexico To Support Red Bull And Not Just Him!

Sergio Perez
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At the recently concluded United States Grand Prix, Max Verstappen delivered his 50th career win. However, the fans weren’t too pleased as they gave a hostile reception to the reigning F1 champion during the podium ceremony. As Max stood on the podium to collect his winner’s trophy, the crowd went bonkers with “Checo…Checo” chants. Sergio Perez, who comes originally from Mexico, is a fan favorite in the USA as well. Thus, the recent events that unfolded against Checo in the Red Bull camp planted resentment in the former’s fans. They are not happy with Verstappen being favored and Perez being threatened with losing his seat. Additionally, Helmut Marko’s recent xenophobic slurs added fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile, next up on the Formula One calendar is the Mexican Grand Prix, Sergio Perez’s home GP. Thus, the Red Bull driver is expected to receive immense support. However, at the same time, Checo is worried about his teammate being subject to booing again and thus sends a message to his fans back in Mexico. Perez said that while he is excited to race at home, he requests the fans to support his entire team and not just him. Further, the Mexican driver promised a better weekend as he believes the team took the right steps with his car setup. “We have a few things to sort out with the car, and we should come back stronger,” added Checo.

Max Verstappen To Have Bodyguards At Mexican GP!

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In the aftermath of booing incidents and online threats, Red Bull has decided to hire bodyguards for Max Verstappen for the Mexican Grand Prix. Helmut Marko, the team’s senior officer, confirmed the same to the media. He added that while the Dutch driver was not on board with the idea, the team has a responsibility towards him. “So we just want to be on the safe side,” said Marko.

Helmut Marko claimed that Max Verstappen has received multiple threats on social media in recent times. It has become a cause of concern considering the intensity of those threats. Thus, to protect the safety of their champion driver, Red Bull had to take a bold step. It might be the first time a driver turns up with personal security at a Grand Prix in Formula One.