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Modern-day motorsport design maestro Adrian Newey changed the face of Red Bull Racing when he parted ways with Williams and McLaren to join hands with the team back in 2006. The drink-based outfit went from a mid-field struggler to unleashing unreal dominance in a span of two decades.

However, Red Bull Racing’s internal dynamics haven’t been the same since founder Dietrich Mateschitz’s death. Moreover, the brewing tensions between the leadership have contributed to Newey’s departure rumors. Amid raging speculations, Adrian Newey addressed his future plans and how he is tackling the internal crisis.


Adrian Newey Committed To Red Bull, But Keeps Doors Open For Future!

Adrian Newey

Without Adrian Newey‘s brilliant mind, Red Bull Racing wouldn’t have made it this far. His understanding of motorsport vehicular design is unmatched, and his challengers’ dominance has only proven the preconceived notion. However, the drink-based outfit remains on the verge of losing Newey due to the internal crisis that broke out earlier this year. The team stands divided, with Christian Horner not being on the same page as Newey. Moreover, the GmBh leadership sides with Horner, thus leaving a sense of dissatisfaction amongst the senior core, including Adrian and Helmut Marko. Naturally, rumors of the aero wizards potentially taking an exit surfaced last month. Notably, Newey earlier had expressed his dream of working with Ferrari.

And now that Fred Vasseur is rebuilding Ferrari with the acquisition of seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, Adrian Newey was speculated to be tempted by the offer to work with both legends. However, Newey refused to reveal his cards while taking to Racing 365. He expressed his love for design and how working in motorsports had been his childhood dream. Despite serving decades in the industry, Newey claimed to still remain in love with his job. “I’ve hugely enjoyed it, and I continue to enjoy it,” said Newey. However, the Red Bull chief engineer is open to future opportunities. “If the team wants me, then I’ll continue to do it for the moment, and then we’ll have to see in the future,” Newey added. All things said and done, while the aero wizard’s heart remains with Red Bull, the pipe dream to serve the red team still remains a bucket list item for Adrian to look forward to.

Checo Expects Decision On F1 Future Soon!

Sergio Perez Red Bull
Sergio Perez Red Bull Source: Eurosport

Sergio Perez’s Red Bull seat remains under imminent threat, with the driver market moving swiftly after Lewis Hamilton’s hasty jump to Ferrari. As his contract runs out by the end of the year, Checo expects a decision on his future much sooner. After finishing second in Japan, Checo confirmed a decision on his future with the drinking team would be made by next month.

However, regardless of what Red Bull Racing decides to do, Sergio Perez is grateful for the career he’s had in Formula 1. “Whatever comes next, I am really pleased with what I’ve done in the sport so far,” said Checo. The Bulls are overall expected to reach a consensus before the impending summer break.

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