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Anthony Davis, the Los Angeles Lakers future leader in making, has struggled this season so far. As LeBron James landed on a minute restriction plan, Davis’ responsibilities doubled up. However, the center forward has struggled too far to grapple with the same. Moreover, injury setbacks added to the misery.

Anthony Davis suffered from a hip spasm earlier this month and has been playing through it as he failed to recover in time. Meanwhile, the recent nail-biter between the Lakers and Dallas Mavericks exposed the former’s lack of offensive efficacy. Self-proclaimed analyst Skip Bayless noticed the same and pinned the blame on the big man Anthony Davis.


Anthony Davis’ Failure To Support LeBron Led To Lakers Loss Vs Mavericks, Says Skip Bayless!

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The Los Angeles Lakers suffered an unfortunate 101-104 loss against the Dallas Mavericks in a nail-biting thriller. The purple and gold managed to erase a 20-point deficit in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter owing to LeBron James’ heroics. But it all went in vain as LA failed to hold it together. But overall, the lack of dunks in the final quarter hurt Hollywood the most. They lost the battle by 30-13. Meanwhile, self-proclaimed NBA analyst Skip Bayless blasts Anthony Davis and pinned the entire blame for the loss on the center forward. While taking a dig at him, Skip reframed AD’s initials to “Always disappearing.”

Bayless says that Anthony Davis disappeared in the second half and didn’t score a single point in the fourth quarter. His lack of support hurt LeBron James the most as the latter put his best foot forward. He played all 12 minutes of the last quarter and produced his best. LeBron single-handedly erased the 20-point deficit in a magnificent display of pure talent. But the lack of support from the rest of the lineup led to the humiliating loss. Skip also pointed out that Davis, as a core member of the roster, should have demanded the ball more, as the Mavericks’ defense wasn’t the best in the league. “AD too often stands for Always Disappearing, and last night he disappeared in the 4th quarter. If you are that dude, you gotta demand the basketball,” Bayless said.

LeBron James Drops “GOAT” Take After Reaching New Milestone!

LeBron James
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Meanwhile, LeBron James is scaling new heights with respect to personal milestones. He surpassed Kareem Abdul Jabbar to become the all-time lead scorer of the NBA. Now, this season, James took it a notch higher and crossed 39,000 career points. He is now the only baller to have touched 39000 career points. After securing the milestone, the veteran shut down the GOAT debate once and for all.

“Top 2 and I’m not 2. 1 of 1!” wrote LeBron James on Instagram. James has been at loggerheads with legend Michael Jordan in greatest of all-time debate. While Jordan is being regarded heavily for his skills, LeBron James has been applauded for his longevity. Now, with the new scoring milestone under his name, LeBron James has declared himself as the GOAT of basketball.