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“Absurd Accusation,” Mercedes Boss Toto Wolff Breaks Silence On FIA Dragging Family Into Filthy Mess!

Formula One’s governing body, FIA, recently came under scrutiny after it opened up a compliance investigation involving Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff and F1 academy director wife Susie Wolff. Apparently, an unverified article claimed that Toto and Susie were in a conflict of interest as an F1 team boss and member of Formula One Management.

While Toto Wolff is the team principal of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, Susie Wolff took over as managing director of F1 academy earlier this year. In the aftermath of the incident, FIA received heavy backlash as its investigation arose from no factual grounds. Meanwhile, Wolff broke his silence for the first time after the incident and called the compliance investigation a “personal attack.”


Toto Wolff Slams FIA Over Personal Attack After The Latter Concludes Compliance Investigation!


FIA once again made headlines for all the wrong reasons last month after it accused Toto and Susie Wolff of a conflict of interest. Apparently, an article claimed that an unnamed F1 rival team is concerned about confidential information being passed on by Toto, as an F1 boss, to Susie as a FOM member. Based on that unverified article, FIA decided to take action. After the move received backlash, all F1 teams put out a statement claiming innocence. Not only that, but F1 also expressed disappointment, stating they had no prior information of any such investigation. Ultimately, FIA had to close the investigation on the grounds of lack of evidence.

Having said that, the unnecessary incident left a deep impact on Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. Besides taking legal action on defamation grounds, Wolff broke his silence to slam the FIA. While speaking to Sport Bild, Wolff said the accusations were absurd and emerged out of nowhere. While he is thick-skinned enough to absorb any criticism, by dragging his family, FIA stoops to a new low, said Wolff. “But when people go after my family, that’s a different level,” said Toto Wolff. Besides, Susie Wolff also put out a statement expressing her disappointment. She referred to herself as a scapegoat and how the incident led to online abuse. Meanwhile, Mercedes is taking the legal route to settle the dispute. The team firmly believes one cannot get away this easily after putting up serious and baseless allegations against respected members of the sport.

Toto Wolff Opens Up On Thoughts Of Retirement Amid Mercedes’ Incessant Struggles!

Toto Wolff
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Mercedes has endured its worst downfall in the past two seasons. After dominating the sport for close to a decade, the Silver Arrows have struggled to attain podium finishes in the past two years. Needless to say, the pressure of comeback often gets to the leadership. However, the Brackley-based team’s principal, Toto Wolff, refuses to step down.

In an interview with Racing 365, Toto Wolff revealed that even during tough situations, thoughts of retirement never crossed his mind. He is a person who looks for solutions and does not dwell on setbacks. Additionally, the team principal still has the utmost faith in Mercedes to bounce back in the near future. He says that the atmosphere within the team is great, and everyone is in good spirits ahead of the crucial 2024 season.