Aaron Judge

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Aaron Judge Shows His Vulnerable Human Side, Credits New York Yankees For Timely Help

The New York Yankees star slugger Aaron Judge recently opened up on his off-field struggles and how he tries to overcome them.

Bringing your best foot forward each day in a game like a baseball is not a cakewalk. The players go through tough training physically to stay in the prime of their health. However, the importance of good mental health has recently become mainstream, especially after the Covid pandemic. Global sports clubs and franchises have equally prioritized the mental health of their players along with their physical health.


Aaron Judge, the enormous 6-foot-7 slugger, is known for his brutal side on the field. On the plate, Judge is a beast and a force to be reckoned with. While the fans consider him a formidable superhuman, the slugger has an equally vulnerable side off the field. Recently, the New York Yankees captain opened up on the struggle and the measures he takes to overcome those.

Aaron Judge Seeks Mental Health Conditioning Department’s Help To Bring His A Game On Field

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge (Yankees) Desiree Rios/The New York Times

New York Yankees captain Aaron Judge is the face of the $ 7 billion franchise. He is highly influential, and kids look to him for inspiration. Moreover, his smallest gestures and actions make headlines these days. Hence, the captain is mindful when it comes to taking important steps to maintain the sanity of his mind. Being the best offensive player on the team brings along with a lot of pressure and responsibilities, which even a guy like Judge finds tough to deal with.

Hence, the slugger has decided to seek the help of the Yankees’ mental health conditioning department. Chad Bohling, the Yankees’ director of mental conditioning, has prepared a few motivational and positive videos to help its players focus on the good things. Further, while leaving for a short conditioning session before Tuesday’s game, Aaron Judge has a few words to say to Sam Borden of ESPN. He said that there are days when he doesn’t feel motivated enough to step on the field. On top of that, the switch from Aaron to slugger Judge does not happen very quickly. Hence, he goes through these sessions, and the videos help him gain that extra motivation which eventually leads to the beast we see on the field.

Judge Has Found A Unique Device To Relieve Stress

Aaron Judge

Taking care of the body after the game is as essential as the pre-game warmups. Hence, Aaron Judge has found a unique solution to relieve all the stress after a long game on the field. Apparently, he uses some kind of electrical vibrating device that helps with muscle relaxation. The slugger began using this recently, and the device was reportedly hit in the Yankees locker room.

Additionally, Aaron Judge follows a different routine to maintain his calm. He does regular meditation with the help of mobile apps. Moreover, the outfielder is also an avid reader who claims the books “Stillness is the Key” by Ryan Holliday and “Mind Gym” by Gary Mack work wonders for his mind.