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Aaron Judge Reveals What He Tole To Console Aaron Hicks After The Recent Booing Incident

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees veteran outfielder, was subjected to incessant booing from the Yankee fan base in his first start of the season.

The New York Yankees appointed outfielder Aaron Judge as their 16th captain during the off-season. The move didn’t come as a surprise, as Judge has been the face of the Yankees for a couple of years now. And his last season numbers were one of the best the club has ever produced. Hence, the team handed over the leadership reigns to the slugger, who seemed to have embraced his pretty gracefully.


Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks, the underfire switch hitter, has had a rough start to the season. After whining about the lack of game time, the front office finally placed him in the starting line against the Philadephia Phillies on Tuesday. However, the outfielder couldn’t leave an impact, and the crowd unleashed its wrath. Just then, the captain stepped in and passed on some golden words of advice.

Aaron Judge Consoles Aaron Hicks After Intense Booing Incident

Aaron Hicks
Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Aaron Hicks has always ended up on the wrong side of the New York Yankee’s brutal fan base. Just one week into the new season, the crowd has booed him on at least two occasions. The latest one occurred just a day ago. When Hicks publically expressed his resentment over the lack of chances after the opening-day snub, skipper Aaron Boone handed him one on Tuesday. Hicks started in left field and made his 2023 debut. However, he went out with zero hits in three at-bats. As a result, the crowd showed no mercy and booed him relentlessly after his final strikeout.

Just when Aaron Hicks made his way to the dugout amid heavy verbal heckling, Aaron Judge, the captain, stepped up on his leadership duties. He walked up to Hicks and patted his back to console a visibly dejected left fielder. He had a brief chat with him before eventually leaving for his at-bat. Further, when asked about the insights of the conversation, Aaron Judge humbly denied revealing it and said it’s better if it stays between them. However, the captain did disclose that he asked Hicks about his experience on the plate and tried to take his mind off the booing. Certainly, it was a great act of leadership from the slugger who stood by his teammate during tough times.

Hicks, Unfazed By The Criticism, Wants To Focus On Getting His Game Better

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks strikes out against the Yankees on Monday. Charles Wenzelberg / New York Post

Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks remains highly unaffected by the outside noise. Sharing his thoughts on the incessant booing incidents, Hicks said he 100% understands the sentiment of the fans. The outfielder feels that’s the beauty of New York. You’ll get all the cheers if you do well, and when you fail, the crowd will make sure that let you know of their resentment. Presently, he wants to devote his focus to improving his gameplay and finding ways to contribute to the team.

On the other hand, Yankees manager, Aaron Boone, has backed his outfielder. He said it’s just the start of the season, and guys take time to adjust. Hence, Aaron Hicks is no different. His at-bats look good for the moment, and he will get where he needs to as the season progresses.