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Aaron Judge Is Now The Official Owner Of The Catchphrase “All Rise”, Wins Years Long Trademark Dispute

New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Judge has won a trademark dispute over his highly popular “All Rise” catchphrase.

Aaron Judge burst into the Major League Baseball scene after his rookie season in 2017. The slugger went home with the Rookie of the Year award and also earned his first all-star. Since then, he has shown no sign of stopping. He went on to achieve greater things in the following seasons and has now become the face of the $7 billion New York Yankees organization.


However, after the stellar start, Aaron Judge landed in legal trouble. To provide a little context, Judge goes by the name of “All Rise” and “Here Comes the Judge” among the crowd owing to his towering home runs. However, a man from Long Island challenged a trademark of the catchphrase and dragged the outfielder to court. After years of legal fighting, the court finally pronounced its verdict.

Aaron Judge Remains The Proud Owner Of “All Rise” Catchpharase, Wins Legal Battle

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge rounds the bases after hitting a solo homer. via @Yankees Twitter

In 2017, Michael P. Chisena hailing from Nassau County in New York, filed an appeal to trademark the catchphrase “All Rise” and “Here Comes the Judge” days after Aaron Judge won the All-Star Home Run Derby. Naturally, Judge and the Major League Baseball Players Association opposed the appeal. They said the phrases exclusively belonged to the outfielder, and Michael intended to use them to make profits by selling its official merchandise.

However, the Long Island man claimed that he was neither a baseball fan nor did he know who Aaron Judge was at the time of appeal filing. But that actual Judge hearing the case determined that Miachael’s claims did not sit well with the timing of application, and it just cannot be a mere coincidence that he filed for trademarks just four days after Aaron’s Home Run Derby. Hence, after years of legal battle, the Judge finally pronounced a verdict in favor of Aaron Judge, and the trademark will now officially belong to him.

Judge Suffers First Series Defeat As The Yankees Captain

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge AP

After enjoying a streak of four series win as the captain of the New York Yankees, Aaron Judge faced a significant setback. The team was coming off a brutal 2-11 loss on Thursday and had to win the game to stay alive in the series. However, they failed in the pursuit as Carlos Correra led Minnesota Twins to crush them by 3-4 and handed the first series defeat of the season. It’s also the first series defeat for Aaron Judge ever since he took up the Yankees’ leadership.

The Yankees lost the winning momentum soon after their six games road trip ended. The runs have mysteriously dried up. Not only that, the pitchers have been unable to hold off the runs as they gave away nine runs in a single inning during the first game against the Twins. Certainly, it is an area of concern, and the Bombers are visibly suffering from the injury crisis. The regulars are scheduled to arrive towards the end of April. Let’s see how the lineup copes until then.