Aaron Hicks

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Aaron Hicks’ Resurgence At Orioles Might Lead The New York Yankees To Regret Its Decision

Outfielder Aaron Hicks laid his services to the New York Yankees for seven long years. The veteran arrived in the Bronx in the year 2016. And a breakout season in 2018 earned him a seven-year extension contract worth $70 million. However, the outfielder’s form dropped shortly after. In the past three seasons, Hicks could not even hit 20 home runs in total. Moreover, the growing resentment among the Yankees fan base put additional pressure on the front office.

Hence, after a painful couple of seasons, the Yankees cut Aaron Hicks loose last month by releasing him from the active roster. While the fans rejoiced, the outfielder started looking out for his future and luckily found a shelter at East rivals, Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles have witnessed a meteoric rise this season, as they are above the Yankees in the standings. Moreover, it seems like the change in atmosphere has worked in the outfielder’s favor, and the Yankees would certainly not like it.


Aaron Hicks Burns His Ex-Team With Acrobatic Defensive Plays At Orioles

Aaron Hicks
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Ex-Yankee and current Baltimore Orioles outfielder Aaron Hicks ditched his former team’s long-withstanding tradition by growing a beard. The Steinbrenner family has imposed a rule which disallows all players and staff associated with the team to grow any kind of facial hair except a small mustache. And the first thing Hicks does after leaving the Yankees camp is growing a beard to express his resentment towards his former team. Well, that was the first of many steps the outfielder had planned out to make his ex-team regret its decision to release him. Just a few days after the release, Hicks joined Yankee’s east rivals, Baltimore Orioles, in a one-year contract.

Meanwhile, apart from Aaron Hicks’ obvious struggle on the plate, the Yankee fan base always had a complaint about Hicks not doing enough in the outfield. But now in the orange gear, Hicks has regained his 2018 self as he recently made a defensive play that burned the Yankees fans to the ground. A hit from a Giants hitter looked like a sure home run. However, Hicks, stationed at center field, timed his jump to perfection and grabbed the catch to deny the Giants a home run. The play caught the fan’s attention, who could not believe that it was the same outfielder who used to drop routine plays in the Bronx. Maybe his fortune changed in Baltimore, or maybe he just disliked the Yankees. Who knows?

Will The Yankees Regret Releasing Aaron Hicks?

Aaron Hicks’ time in pinstripes has come to an end. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

Aaron Hicks looks like a whole different player with the Baltimore Orioles. He has played four games so far, where his average stands at .455. Moreover, the outfielder has contributed four runs already, along with exceptional defensive plays. It’s the same Hicks who struggled to connect a single pitch at the Yankees. Hence, the question arises whether the Bronx Bombers regret leaving Hicks after his recent resurgence?

Probably not. For a veteran player like Aaron Hicks, these short bursts mean nothing. Yes, he is hitting at .455, but the sample size is too small. Moreover, Hicks has recorded similar instances of resurgences in the past, which did not last long. Hence, if you look in the longer run, Hicks most probably would not be able to sustain this form. Hence, the Yankees have nothing to worry about as they made the right decision in accordance with their roster setting.