Aaron Hicks
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New York Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks is frustrated to the core as he graced the bench for three straight games in a row.

Aaron Hicks, the New York Yankees’ regular starter, went through a tough time in 2022. Despite his poor run, the front office continued to back him due to a lack of outfield options. Prior to the 2023 season opening day, Hicks spent all spring training being the front runner for the left field role. However, rookie, Oswaldo Cabrera, stole the show last moment.


Hence, the Yankees decided to give him a start on the opening day. Moreover, Cabrera’s impressive athleticism earned him a place in the starting lineup for the following two games as well. However, Isiah Kiner-Falefa‘s place in the center field was the writing on the wall for Hicks, who is now worried about his future role within the team.

Aaron Hicks Unsure Of His Position In The Team, Frustrated Over Repeated Snub

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

On Sunday, the New York Yankees put their spring training gamble in motion and started infielder Isiah Kiner-Falefa in the center field. That hurt outfielder Aaron Hicks to the core, as it indicated that his place in the lineup was in sheer danger. When Hicks lost his left field position to Oswaldo Cabrera, he still had hopes of spending some time in the center, especially when the team’s regular starter, Harrison Bader, went down indefinitely due to oblique issues. However, his hopes shattered the moment Isiah made his way to the center.

Meanwhile, Aaron Hicks broke his silence on his snub and said he is unsure of his role in the team. There are a lot of questions and uncertainties that he needs to find answers to. Moreover, the outfielder seemed highly frustrated and stated his desire to start for the team. He does not want to come off the bench all season long and just faces the closers. Hicks clearly intends to step on the field each day and start in as many games as he can. Moreover, the snub caught the outfielder off guard as in spring training, and it almost looked like he would start in the left for the Yankees. Regardless, Hicks expressed his helplessness and said he had no choice but to just sit and wait for his turn.

Yankees Skipper To Open Up New Doors For Hicks

Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks (Yankees) Credits: The Athletic

Aaron Boone, the New York Yankees skipper, has a good piece of news for a dejected Aaron Hicks. Reacting to the outfielder’s snub, Boone said Hicks is very much in the Yankees’ game plan and will take the field in the next couple of days. Further, the skipper added that the outfielder did not fit in the lineup for the last three matchups. However, that certainly does not mean that he would grace the bench for the rest of the season.

Boone expects Aaron Hicks to play a bit of center and left in the coming few games. While Cabrera is acing in the left, the center remains a safe bet for Hicks to cement his position. He cannot waste any opportunity from here on by committing unnecessary errors, as Kiner-Falefa is all out with guns blazing. Overall, time is running out for the outfielder, and he needs to step up now.