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A Potential Trade With St. Louis Cardinals Might Ease Off Yankees Outfield Woes

New York Yankees’ outfield woes are not hidden from the world. The lineup has struggled with injuries and inconsistent play from their outfield depth this season. Hence, at some point in the season, they will feel the void of a solid hitter who could, on any given day, claw back victory from the jaws of defeat. With the depth not being of any use, the Yankees must look outside the box and find a solution.

GM Brian Cashman, who has done an awful job as a general manager this season, must take his next steps with caution. Meanwhile, a possible trade opportunity has opened up at the St. Louis Cardinals. An experienced hard-hitting slugger is reportedly not on good terms with the team and might ask for an early exit from the contract. Hence, the Yankees might have a shot, but with a heavy price to pay.


Yankees Could Land Outfielder Tyler O’Neill from Cardinals Via Trade

Tyler O'Neill
CINCINNATI, OH – SEPTEMBER 01: Tyler O’Neill, #41 of the St Louis Cardinals, looks on against the Cincinnati Reds at Great American Ball Park on September 1, 2020 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Cardinals defeated the Reds 16-2. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /

The New York Yankees outfielder’s performance this season has been somewhat underwhelming. As a result, the team might consider a trade for St. Louis Cardinals slugger Tyler O’Neill to strengthen their outfield depth. Tyler, who has been with the Cardinals since 2018, is reportedly having a hard time with the Cardinal’s management. Jeff Passan of ESPN reports that Tyler has a strained relationship with the team, which puts him up for grabs. On the other hand, for the Yankees, O’Neill is a perfect addition to their current lineup.

Tyler O’Neill has a career average of .251 with 71 home runs and 202 RBIs, with a majority coming in 2021. Moreover, this season, the outfielder has hit .241 with two home runs and 6 RBIs. Not only that, Tyler’s defensive skills in the outfield make him a desired outfielder any team would love to have. As far as the Yankees are concerned, they could use Tyler by placing him in the middle order to stabilize the inning. With Aaron Hicks struggling in left, Tyler could emerge as a perfect like-to-like replacement. Of course, a potential trade for O’Neill is still just speculation at this point. The Yankees could decide to stick with their current outfield options or could explore other trade possibilities in the future.

Bombers Would Have To Sacrifice Their Farm Prospects To Land Tyler O’Neill

Oswald Peraza
Oswald Peraza (Yankees) Creator: LM Otero | Credit: AP

If the New York Yankees were to make a trade for Tyler O’Neill, they would likely have to give up some significant assets in return. The team’s farm system is not as deep as it once was due to a series of trades and promotions over the past few years. However, a few potential asks could be shortstop Oswald Peraza and Luis Gil. Oswald Peraza is a tough ask, but the Yankees could use him as a trade asset since the shortstop position is secured by Anthony Volpe for the long term.

On the other hand, Luis Gil has dealt with numerous injuries in the past few years. Presently, he is spending time in IL due to Tommy John surgery. Hence, losing Gil would not hurt the Bombers in the long run. Regardless of what the club decides to do, it’s clear that the Yankees need to make some changes if they want to compete for a playoff spot this season. Adding a power hitter like O’Neill to the lineup could be just what the team needs to turn things around.