Aaron Judge

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A Day After Radio Hosts Criticize Aaron Judge, The Latter Shuts Them Down By Ending Yankees Record Losing Streak

Aaron Judge is not only the New York Yankees captain but also their top offensive performer. Last season, he set his standards high by putting together surreal numbers. However, the 2023 season has been cruel on Judge as much as it has been on the Bronx Bombers. Injury setbacks, lack of support, and inconsistency have collectively contributed to the slugger’s woes.

This season, Aaron Judge missed more than 50 games due to multiple injuries, including a gruesome toe injury that kept him out for months. He still continued to reel from that injury as he returned by making a compromise. Naturally, his form also took a hit. Amid this, a radio host took shots at Judge for his lack of contributions. A day later, the Yankees captain displayed his brilliance to put the doubters in their place.


Radio Hosts Calls Out Aaron Judge For Not Being A Difference Maker For Yankees

Aaron Judge

Aaron Judge has done everything in his power this season to keep the New York Yankees playoff boat afloat. From compromising on health to lending support to struggling mates, Judge had been an active member of the clubhouse throughout the season. After tearing the ligament of his toe in June, the slugger returned in late July with some underlying pain and a bootstrap to support the unhealed toe. However, the captain failed to leave a mark. Recently, during the series opener vs. Nationals, Judge went 0-for-4 and struck out three times.

This irked WFAN radio host named Jerry as he chose to call out the slugger. Jerry said that Aaron Judge had just six RBIs in the month of August. He is getting paid $40 million a year to be a difference-maker. Moreover, if the underlying injury is restricting the slugger, he should shut down immediately. Why continue playing just for the sake of it when you cannot contribute? Any athlete, when on the field on a regular basis, cannot make excuses. All Jerry could understand was that Judge had underperformed. However, just a day after the radio show went on air, the Yankees captain took the matter into his own hands to shut down the trollers and doubters.

Judge Shuts Down Critics With Home Run Spree Vs. Nationals

Aaron Judge
Aaron Judge points to the Yankees dugout after hitting a home run. Twitter NYY

Aaron Judge, the New York Yankees captain, ended the team’s horrific losing streak by slamming his career first three-homer game vs. the Nationals on Wednesday. He slammed his first long hit in the first inning itself, which earned the Yanks an early lead. The second home run came in the second, followed by a third in the seventh inning. Moreover, owing to Luis Severino’s six scoreless innings start, the Bombers took home a comfortable 9-1 victory.

With that, the Yankees worst losing streak since 1982 came to an end. However, the fight for a playoff is not over yet. The deficit to the playoff wildcard spot has come down from 9.5 games to 8.5 games. The team still has close to 35 games on schedule to close out the gap. However, the competition will only elevate from here as the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros are next in the Yanks line.