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“62 Million Dollars?” ESPN Analyst Feels Anthony Davis Has Been Overpaid By The Lakers

Anthony Davis has been a pillar of the Los Angeles Lakers since he joined the team in 2019. He helped LeBron James to lead the side to its 17th title in the 2019-20 season. Moreover, the eight-time All-Star helped the team reach the conference finals last season. If it were not for AD, the Lakers would not make the postseason either.

After all, when he returned from injury, James had to miss a whole month’s game schedule with injury. For that whole month, the LA side would have been in deep trouble. Although Anthony Davis proved that if he is healthy, he can carry the team from any position. But something does not feel right about his contract extension, especially to Stephen A Smith.


Stephen A Smith Feels Anthony Davis Got More Money Than He Deserved

Rob Pelinka Anthony Davis Lakers
Rob Pelinka Anthony Davis Lakers Source: Sports Illustrated

According to the new contract, the eight-time All-Star will make $50 million per season with a player option in his third year worth $60 million. Recently, Stephen A Smith spoke about it with Paul George and asked why it does not make sense. The ESPN Mouthpiece told George on his podcast that he loves Anthony Davis, but 62 million dollars is not worth his consistency.

According to Smith, AD has a lot of skills and talents. But the problem is he will show up one day, and he won’t on the next. Perhaps in one game, Anthony Davis will score 40+ points, but in another game, he will score 11. Moreover, Stephen A Smith mentioned that he prefers a player averaging 28 or 30 points instead of taking the team on rollercoaster rides with his inconsistency. Even though statistically, Smith is right, the Lakers had no choice since that is a superstar rate. But it is true that Anthony Davis hardly managed to play 65 games in the last few seasons.

How Valuable Is AD To The Lakers?

Anthony Davis
Anthony Davis Source: The Spun

The Lakers were lingering down at the bottom of the Western Conference when the eight-time All-Star led the side to a few winning streaks. Later, the 17-time champions surprised everybody by making the postseason. Moreover, they beat heavyweight teams like Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors. But they could not beat the eventual champions, Denver Nuggets. It was a battle between the strongest offensive side and the best defensive side of the league in the last year’s Western Conference Finals. AD proved to be among the best Defensive players in the league.

But he could not help the Lakers beat the team from Colorado. However, the front office wants Anthony Davis to lead the side in the post-LeBron James era. Moreover, they signed him for a three-year extension worth $186 million. As per the previous contract, AD had one more year, which would expire after the 2023-24 season. But the LA side’s front office showed the urgency and how much they want Anthony Davis to lead the side. It is mainly because LeBron James is 38 now, but he will be 39 before the next season ends. He does not have many years to play in the league. Hence, Anthony Davis will take his place.