Yankees Ready To Defeat Reigning Champion Houston Astros With The Help Of Aaron Judge & Co.


New York Yankees is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in the MLB franchises. Time and again, they have shown how big they are by making numerous records and securing title wins. This year as well, the Yankees tried their best to secure the World Title. However, destiny failed again, and Houston Astros brutally thrashed the Yankees in the ALCS and paved the way to the title. And this was not the first time when Astros came in the way of the Bombers. However, legend Nick Swisher is more than sure that the Yankees will finally beat the Astros next year and hold the trophy up.

The Yankees Are Ready To Defeat The Astros And Become Champions Again

The last time the New York Yankees secured the World Title was in 2009, led by their captain Derek Jeter. Surprisingly, it has already been 13 years since the pinstripe players held the World Trophy high. And almost every year, Houston Astros came in between as a big hurdle for the team. They have been preventing the Yankees from making a successful run to the World Series year after year. However, for the next season, things are looking a little brighter for the Bronx Bombers.

We were joined by @NickSwisher to talk about the future of the Yankees and a whole lot more

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Recently, in discussion with Talkin Yanks, former Guardian, Brave, and Yankee Nick Swisher came out pretty strong in support of the Yankees. According to him, the Aaron Judge signing of the Yankees will play a big role in their move to the World Title. Seemingly, Nick believes that with the help of a stronger bullpen, including Judge, Carlos Rodon, Anthony Rizzo & more, the Pinstripe Blues can definitely beat the Astros and secure the World Title. As he stated, \”It\’s only a matter of time until we burst through, beat the Houston Astros and end up winning the World Series.\” 

Fans Unsatisfied With Bombers\’ Handling Of Prospects

Reportedly, New York Yankees are set to make a pretty convincing bullpen for the next year. So far, almost all the positions are designated by the team, except for the left fielding. And apparently, they are facing a lot of problems in filling out that one. Many possible players have been linked with the position, including Daulton Varsho & Michael Conforto. However, none of them came to a final deal. There aren\’t even enough prospects with the Bombers who can take their place. And now, the Yankees fans believe that the team is even overcooking their prospects. And that is why they are not able to join & play for the bullpen.


An unpopular opinion; the Yankees aren\’t known as a team that plays \”the kids.\” The team has long been perceived as a team that usually buys talent than develops it. However, in that scenario, fans feel like the team is not working enough on the prospects like Anthony Volpe or Oswald Peraza. Apparently, they want the Yankees to bring in their young talents to develop their game. 

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