Yankees Fans Doubting On Giancarlo Stanton\’s Consistency Despite Manager Aaron Boone\’s Faith

Giancarlo Stanton

There was a time when the Yankees had Giancarlo Stanton in his original form. When he joined the team, he was a dominating MVP. But the consistency of the good scores has got uncertain lately. As a result, fans have started doubting what Stanton has now left with him. Is he even that consistent now? Should he be in the Yankees anymore? The player who once was the master of making home runs has been dealing with bad days in his sports career for the last four seasons.

Giancarlo faced an injury in the 2022 MLB world series. Otherwise, he might have proved every doubter who dared to call him weak. Initially, in the season, the baseball outfielder did great. By playing 110 games in his career, he got selected as the All-star for the first time since 2017. He posted a .211 batting average because of the injuries. However, Giancarlo Stanton already had 31 home runs, one of the best records in the team.


Stanton is exactly what meets the Yankee\’s standard if one goes to look at his stats. The player might have been dealing with tough days. But there is a 100% chance that next year will be a strong comeback for the player. If teh Bronx wants to win the world series, they will definitely need someone like Giancarlo Stanton.

What Are Your Thoughts On Giancarlo Stanton\’s Consistent Comeback? Fans Replied Negatively

No one saves the players from fans\’ questions. It is the very nature of the fans to ask questions that are best for their favorite tea. As for the Yankees, there is a fan page named Fireside Yankees. The page is one of those who doubt Giancarlo Stanton. Lately, they posted a tweet with Giancarlo\’s pic and asked if you believe in Stanton\’s consistency in 2023.


Are the fans questioning his talent, or are they afraid of the uncertainties? Whatever it is, it is spread on social media and is kind of important to discuss. No one would dare to question Aaron Judge and Anthony Rizzo as they are making records these days. But for Giancarlo Stanton, questions on his consistency are being raised because, for the past four years, he has been failing to raise eyebrows. The two consistent players, Judge and Rizzo, have just resigned from their contract with the Yankees by teh end of this year. But whom the Yankees have had on a permanent basis is none other than Stanton. He will be staying with the Yankees till the end of 2028.


With the long-term stay on the team, fans want to see the progress in Stanton\’s performance. One of the New York Baseball team fans came out to say that there was no season when Giancarlo had been consistent. The other said he is consistent but in getting injuries. Unfortunately, the injuries kept on surrounding teh outfielder, for which he could never show teh talent he had when he debuted on the team. Now, this has become teh reason for being criticized by the fans. Not to mention there are still thousands of fans who believe in Giancarlo Stanton and hope for a consistent season next year.

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