Yankees Already Working On A Backup Plan If Carlos Rodon Slips Off From The Hand!

Carlos Rodon

The New York Yankees got Aaron Judge, luckily with the force of money and a guaranteed nine years deal. But, not always can they provide something that will attract the players to get hired. Currently, in the free-agent period of MLB, the Yankees and Giants are literally not leaving a single chance to create a battle. First for Aaron, then for Carlos Correa, and now for Carlos Rodon.

The Bronx Bombers lack in having a perfect left-handler in the team. For the right side, they have got Aaron Judge but still, teh left side is the weaker point of teh field. So they just need to have someone, and for this free agent like Carlos Rodon, with a two-time All-star is the best option available. This time, if the Yanks lose him, they definitely need to make a backup plan.

Carlos Rodon

So what is New Yorks\’s backup plan if they fail to have Rodon? According to the reports of Jon Heyman from The New York Post, \”Yankees feels Rodon wants to come to New York, but if in case the bridge gets a difference, then they may turn to their next choice.\” And the next choice of Yankees is none other than Nate Eovaldi, one of the ex-Yankee.

Meanwhile, another report from WEEI says that Nate Eovaldi is not an easy take for the Yankees. This is because his current team, the Red Sox, is again interested in getting back the ex-Yankee to Boston. So if the team offers a desirable deal to Nate, then he will not deny them easily until the Yankees come up with something greater.

Will Nate Eovaldi Come Into the Yankees?

For the record, Eovaldi has already spent the last four years of his baseball life with the Boston Red Sox. He is 32 years old and is a great right-handler also had been an All-Star in 2021. However, in 2022 the player got injured and went 6-3 with a 3.87 ERA in 20 starts. Eovaldi first came into the sport in 2011 with the Dodgers. But soon got traded with the Marlins in 2012. Finally, in 2014 he was welcomed by the Yankees. He played a big role in the replacement of the legend right-hander David Phelps when he retired.

Nate Eovaldi

Nate Eovaldi played in the Bronx Bombers for two years and made 23-11 with a 4.45 ERA. However, soon Tommy John\’s surgery cut his time to get departed from New York in 2016. Then two years later, he joined the Tampa Bay Rays, who traded him to Boston. Fortunately, his entry into the Red Sox made the team win the 2018 MLB world series.

So the history of the 32-year-old baseball player is great enough to get the Yankee\’s proposal. But, not only for the Yankees, and Boston Red Sox, who once won because of Eovaldi, how can they leave him so easily? There will indeed be difficulties in hiring the ex-Yankee back to the team. But at present, the difficulties with Carlos Rodon are much bigger. So when Rodon finally slips off New York\’s hand, then they will go for grabbing Nate Eovaldi.

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